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There’s more condemnation for Israel’s new “nation-state” law, with critics saying it threatens future peace with the Palestinians.

On Thursday, the Knesset passed a bill defining Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised it as a “defining moment for Zionism”.

But opponents fear it will further marginalise Israel’s minorities.

Al Jazeera’s Mohammed Jamjoom reports from West Jerusalem.

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Karen Josie says:

Israeli new law is a gisgrace. It is against human rights. It is apartheid, racist, bigoted and completely morally unjust!!! Another sick move to commit crimes against Palestinians. The whole world should stand up and boycot Israel, impose sanctions and scream about the injustice of this horrific law!! Hitler was a mad dictator bent on murder and discrimination against jews. That was a crime against humanity!! Haven't the Israeli politicians learned from the past?? Obviously not. Racism is a dangerous thing. Thank God there are still some human beings on the planet with a conscience. Netanyahu is NOT one of them!!!

I Am says:

The so-called negro Latino and Native American are the real Hebrews of the Bible .
you don't have to believe it ,disprove it. Deuteronomy 28 King James Bible

Hedz Almador says:

They're trying way too hard, it was never theirs and never will be.

bla ba says:

the bill says nothing special, go read it yourselves..
just google:
"timesofisrael final text of Jewish nation-state law, approved by the Knesset early on July 19"
dont buy the propaganda by al jazeera

Luke White says:

I'm not saying this is a good thing, but where are the people going against the other states that do this.

In my opinion if you're against Israel doing this, then you're a hypocrite if you're not against others doing this

friend says:

GOD bless America and Israel.

Christopher Spiller says:

Yes this is what God wants you religious morons to keep fighting amongst yourselves it only entertains him. All you people were fighting over the god of Abraham by the way.

TPQ1980 says:

This is great for ethnic Jews. They now have protection for them and their culture in Israel. Jews truly are a light to all nations. Now we need to see the light in Europe and pass similar laws protecting ethnic Europeans and ethnic European cultures. Thank you to my Jewish brothers and sisters for being a guiding light for Europeans! Long live the Jewish people!

DW Kern says:

Staged…he just happened to a have a "black" flag with him? Maybe he should inhale a can of Blackflag instead. Sore losers!

Noo Body says:

They're planning to destroy Al aqsa next and build a jewish temple in it's place

Lamar Passmore says:

The(Al) Jews(Yahud) were commanded/ordered to abstain from mitzvot lo taaseh.

Shon Won says:

What happened to 'enlightened' Western White guys not being into "medieval religious extremistism"? What if Sweden declared itself a 'Jehovah Witness only' country?

lenin irshad says:

hate all religious countries who discriminate minorities….
from iran,qatar,saudi,pakistan and Israel too

king oreos says:

“ this is gonna be bad “

Vijay bhatt says:

Israeli Jews brothers with arm full support from India..This news channel is worst.

Damian Houlihan says:

Its Israel's right, if ppl dont like it , tough

Aman Jacob says:

thanks god give this land to jewish,islam don't have respect other religion

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