🇳🇮 Nicaragua unrest: 39 years since Sandinista revolution | Al Jazeera English

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Nicaragua will celebrate the 39th anniversary of the Sandinista revolution amid political and social turmoil that has left nearly 300 people dead.
There are growing calls globally for Nicaragua’s president, Daniel Ortega, to stand down, after months of deadly unrest.
Many now say Ortega is on the same path as the dictator he overthrew 39 years ago.
But those loyal to him maintain his government is the best ever.

Al Jazeera’s Mariana Sanchez reports from the capital Managua.

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Sunglass Shinpan says:

These low IQ fools will NEVER escape communism/socialism! But, let's just blame Trump and Putin!!

EvilEddy says:

Let me guess it’s the fault of the United States?

Νοsawa. says:

If Augusto Sandino was alive he would declare war on Daniel Ortega.

soy Nicaragua says:

Nicaragua need help!

José Antonio Fuentes says:

As always, the former revolutionary become the new masters ,the dictators.

Carlos M Alvarado says:

Nicaragua went thoough a coup de etat attempt financed by the CIA, Iran Style. They paid street gangs to assasinate policemen, set houses on fire and loot the shops in the high streets. They want the old SOMOZA system back. The coup failed but they have destroyed the economy and the US regime is applying sanctions as they always do as a part of the coup project.
They are using also the Human rights NGO.s paid by the STATE DEPARTMENT, the NED and the CIA.The propaganda of these paid groups accused the government of Nicaragua of attrocities with very little proof. This is horrendous.

المخلص فقط JESUS says:


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