🇵🇸 More protests against Israeli siege expected on Friday in Gaza | Al Jazeera English

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Protesters say they’ll continue to fly kites and balloons carrying petrol bombs and burning rags across the border until Israel lifts its twelve-year siege of Gaza.

Israel says fires started by the protesters have destroyed large areas of farmland and crops.

The Israeli army has reportedly been ordered to prepare for a military offensive in Gaza if burning balloons and kites continue to be launched from the area.

Since the weekly protests started in March, Israeli army snipers and other troops have killed around 140 Palestinians

Al Jazeera’s Charles Stratford reports.

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Berlly Palandi says:

Infonesia suport israel

É, eu sei... says:

Islan is a murder religion and must be destroyed

É, eu sei... says:

Brazil support Israel.

Umer Zahid says:

We Pakistanis also support Israel.
Why can't the Middle East find some peace . I have friends in Saudi Arabia who also support Israel as we feel Palestinians are getting support from terrorist Iran.

Now The End Begins says:

Hey Palestinians, if you want the violence to stop why don't you try stop being violent??

Eli Meleh says:

The people of Gaza are a bunch of brainwashed Muslim
Zombies who have no civilization no culture no value for life and respect for planet earth , they are human garbage that needs to be eliminated

Damian Houlihan says:

Bomb gaza, get rid of these terrorists once and for all.

Apon Siddique says:

Destroy Israel or they will kill you

momo lolo says:

India supports Israel. ❤
Such a small but strong country daring to go against such a dangerous cult with billions of militant followers. Role model of the world.

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