🇶🇦 Qatari players banned from a regional chess championship in UAE l Al Jazeera English

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Many Qatari players were looking forward to competing in the Arab regional chess championship.

But the host country, the United Arab Emirates, banned them from taking part.

The UAE ban follows a controversy at a global tournament in Saudi Arabia two months earlier.

Al Jazeera’s Fintan Monaghan reports.

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truth bass says:

I started to hate saudi politician and UAe and that tyrant al sisi from Egypt

Richard Goode says:

A chess as a policy by goverment or country's as a non chess game.

Aliasgar Ladhani says:

Very good…

momo lolo says:

Saudi banned Chess because its haram.

Von Bismarck says:

How petty can Saudi Arabia and the UAE get

Ishtiak Sajib says:

chess is haraam in islam

manson says:

I usually don't support these types of actions but al jazeera spreads a lot of propoganda against India .
Al jazeera must understand how we Indians feel when you spread propoganda against us
Be pro muslim no problem
But why do you have to be anti indian


ban whoever banned you in fifa 2022 world cup

David J says:

UAE is sponsor of terrorism

Khaled S says:

The Arabs will never change. They politicize everything!


Chess is Haram in Islam!

Sunglass Shinpan says:

How is this news?

Unknown Blogger says:

Well, as long as Saudi Arabia don't banned Qatar people to perform hajj, this is just a small problem. Unsportsmanlike, yet not serious.

erlich says:

good job! terrorism should be banned.


I am first one who dislike video

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