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Four of the members of the youth football team rescued from a cave are ethnic minorities and are thus stateless in Thailand.
They are not alone. Nearly 700,000 people in Thailand are stateless including 150,000 children.
Although they are now treated as heroes by the authorities and were invited to appear on national television, and team spirit of the Wild Boars may have become stronger, some of the players barely have any rights in Thailand at all.
Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen reports.

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Thannarong Viboonsunti says:

Now almost every country doesn't want refugees.

D bekam says:

I can't imagine any country worse than Thailand.

Ben Bravo says:

It's very easy to get citizenship in U.K. and Qatar.

Just enter the the country and you can get citizenship right away. Right?

Ben Bravo says:

Those boys (3 of them) entered into Thailand illegally but got good education and good living condition provided by the Thai for free.

And many of you condemned the Thai by not granting them citizenship.

Is it easy for foreigners to get citizen ship in your country?

brat brat says:

Shan State should had been under Thailand but evil Burmese took control of the Shan State Shan and Thailand people have so much in common and similarities in language and culture..

i got talent says:

Boycott Thailand.

Reacttoreact says:

F uck Thailand

Patrick V says:

Why would anyone one settle this country?

Seb Kingston says:

The world seems to have overlooked the discrimination in Thailand.

Mursal A says:

The rescue mission from Thai was only for the camera. lol

Robleon says:

No wonder that Thailand has a poor record of human rights.

Ricardo K says:

I bet they didn't even care to save the boys. The British divers saved them.

Yoswin Freeman says:

Al Jazeera:- Judge from your name, you must be in the middle east. Tell me, do people in your country stop raving, tormenting, killing and treating your own women and children like they're disposable livestock yet?

Yoswin Freeman says:

We let millions of alien people live among us and treat them warm-heartedly the way good friends do. That's cheerful enough. HATERS HERE, say.., what do you people do with illegal immigrants in your country? I HEARD YOU PUT THEM IN DOG CRATES!!!??

D Day says:

If it is easy to get Thai citizen . Burmese, Laos, Cambodian or even Chinese will come to Thailand. Thailand then will face the same problems as EU and The US.

Cat 106 says:

Thailand is a racist country

Kanchit Tagong says:

That these children do not have a Thai citizenship status iss not Thailand's fault. Most of them were not born in Thailand, but moved to Thailand illegally. Some were born in Thailand but the parents did not registered their birth with the Thai authorities. The children in the latter case will be given a Thai citizenship if they can prove that they were born in Thailand and either one of the parents is Thai or those who have met the requirements for citizenship. The problem can be minimized if the country of their origin give them their citizenship. Thailand does what it can do but cannot give citizenship to every person who cross the border; we have to think about our national security, too.

Tuk Tuk says:

Actually Thailand's very generous to these ethnic minorities of Myanmar. They're not ethnic monorities of Thailand but Thai law allows them to request for Thai Citizenship.

Gbenro Oduyela says:

Wow, now reality set in

المخلص فقط JESUS says:


Peter Grahame says:

It does not matter if they are born in Thailand or not, unless one parent is Thai they have not Thai stamped on their birth certificates. It’s time they sorted this stateless no passport and ID discrimination out. Even the coach they laughingly call a hero is not a Thai citizen. Thais are very defensive about their discrimination towards minorities. Illegal immigrants here are thrown into the IDC until they pay for their fare home, some are in there for years.

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