🇺🇸 Cartoonist Rob Rogers fired after drawings criticizing Trump l Al Jazeera English

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An editorial cartoonist fired by a major US newspaper has found a new way to share his opinions.

Rob Rogers was let go after a publisher rejected his drawings criticising President Donald Trump.

The cartoons are now on display at the George Washington University’s Corcoran School of the Arts and Design where Rogers spoke to Al Jazeera about his work and freedom of the press.

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wilson suarez says:

Free press??????

LCarlTBM x says:

The tyrant right strikes again.

Mega Deoxyz says:

Behold the so called great custodians of free speech & leader of the free world! What a joke, hypoticritical bastards.

Wretch Gunk says:

trump supporters are the american terrorists, they would kill this cartoonist if they could, luckily trump hasnt destroyed the constitution fully yet, but he is hard at work trying his best

Oliver D says:

is this a joke? fired from a newspaper for being too anti-trump? i am sure you can get a job at any other paper. this might help your career. apply to nyt or something.

Phillip Lopez says:

Trump's amerikkka creeps deeper into the free press .

Umer Zahid says:

Let us all go to Denmark and join the "Draw Mohamhead" contest

Sunglass Shinpan says:

al jazeera joins the likes of cnn, peddling Fake News!!

sinbad77 says:

Free expression, by definition, means you can express yourself freely. Yes you will be subject to criticism abd counter argument and possible loss of public support, so these are consequences. However, being fired for expressing a view, while performing tasks ynder the purview of your jib, is not a "consequence", it is the forceful stifling of the ability to express our opinions, and it is the road to totalitarianism. People, our free press is just as important as our military in protecting our freedoms, do not fall for this free speech has consequences talking point. Freedom of speech is a cornerstone of our country. Don't sell it out.

Naruto herbal says:

Imagine if he made a drawing of RAPIST MOHAMMAD he would be dead not just fired

Ibn Muhammad says:

Al Jazeera should hire him.

Tony Quionones says:

Free expression have it's consequences

Professional Pussy Petter says:

Where are the "Freeze Peach" squad?

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