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An editorial cartoonist fired by a major US newspaper has found a new way to share his opinions.

Rob Rogers was let go after a publisher rejected his drawings criticising President Donald Trump.

The cartoons are now on display at the George Washington University’s Corcoran School of the Arts and Design.

Rogers walks us through all the cartoons that were spiked and details some of the ideas behind them, as well as why his editor or publisher said they weren’t going to be published.

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eakherenow says:

Would this fine cartoonist have done cartoons on Clinton's eulogy for the former Grand Dragon of the KKK whom she and her husband called a mentor and the privatatization of the prisons that increased the arrests of Blacks.Trump is a monster but so
are the Clinton's and the liberal press overlooks their hypocrisy.Remember Bill PARDONED a convicted pedophile and an arms

Masha Mitchell says:

I don't get why any of these were a problem for the washington post. These are very mild and accurate. What's the problem?

Lea Jones says:

Great work. But you can't be a truth teller even with art.

dethgripp1 says:

Doesn't show were a Islamic muzzie is stoning a child or a women in the street?? Or shows were they shot them in the back?? Just Trump cartoon of a lie from the Bill Clinton law when he was in office or the Obama children in cages!! But there parents are breaking the law…. But in muzzie land they would be killed raped etc….. The little evil one still control's em!!

GR. Hollman says:

Great Cartoons! Love all of them, especially The tomb of the known. The Washington Times is the new NYT. Sad NYT.

Thùy Linh Phạm says:

trump is Mikhail Gorbachev but USA version ???

georgelares says:

gay ppl often suffer tds

Naa Naa says:

Wow! Amazing art.

Ideoform Sun says:

I think the cartoon that mentions Ambien was rejected because the products might be one of their advertisers and psychoactive drugs are linked with some of the more extreme crimes lately.

Gwendolyn Victorian says:

Thanks for showing this! Someone must tell the truth are nothing will change! Make America Accountable!

aish so says:

My left ear enjoyed this video.

Gustav says:

Trump supporters are scared and ignorant, and they hide behind a leader who to weak people seem like a strong man. It's quite pathetic.

Kate Sterling says:

This cartoon cover so much more than its original intent. The TrumpTribe King is snatching our children's futures as well. UGH!! BASTA!!!

David Bower says:

Many on both the left and right have been using race to deflect from the main problem facing America, yes race is an issue but this is really just a part of the main problem, which is class, and more specifically the enormous economic divide, but the political establishment are reluctant to address this.

Wilku says:

Rip right audio channel. :")

SYNAPSE 2020 says:

Really good to see this work. Truth hurts most of all.

leepakim says:

democrat cartoonist…boring.

Joshua D says:

If you draw the Prophet Muhammad, you get your head cut off.

Feeling a bit hypocritical AJ?

youcometome9 says:

Nice try Al Jazeera. Its not about Trump . Its about Americans wanting something new and not the stagnant like the Democratic ideals of socialism.

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