“Do You Have Any Compromising Material On Trump Or His Family?” Vladimir Putin Responds Angrily

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“Do You Have Any Compromising Material On Trump Or His Family?” Vladimir Putin Responds Angrily

This is today news from trump putin press conference in news today this is latest news and breaking news in politics and political news trump russia trump news today in current events and top stories and top news

original air date: 7/16/2018


Fortune Akankizya says:

yevwe ndie mwanaumw umemjibu kizungu

Suleiman Haq says:

Trump and Putin are on the same side of the fence i.e. against American public

Danish Miller says:

china is our issue. lisa page said so as,well a n d that china got hillarys emails. so no one can 100 percent trust putin this oh trumps an agent or puppet is dumb in light of how much control china has and would have over hillary. manycpast presidents have had talks eith putin. none we few with china but most acknowledged chinese threat to smerica so let's stop using cia fed talking points and somrone please find a real investigativr journalist because these questions oh what does potus rat or 2 scoops of ice cream fits are so ridiculous and should be so beneath journalists is why you are no more than tabloid rags at this point. just demeaning, ignorant, eorthless as who care and who cares about this question…if he did do you actually think he'd yell YOU lmao

Danish Miller says:

what a stupid question.

Af Fa says:

This is like a mind f*** everything Hillary did the doj turn it around and said Trump is doing it and they're trying to get America to go along with it the liberal media is f**** stupid! LONG LIVE TRUMP.

Randy Castillo says:

Lol like intelligence agencies Iraq and report to start the war our intelligence is always right

Antonio Quispe says:

That is a traitor of a reporter. I can't believe it is getting this bad and people in America cheer them on. They got their chance of embarrassing President Trump and they are stupid enough to do that and embarrass the whole country. Laughing stock? Yes because of people like this reporter with the nerve to attack the president in front of the world. There was the other one, who asked for Trump to reprimand Putin in front of the world…must be CNN..I thought it was funny that Trump asked him. Where are the servers? Intelligent Americans are facepalming themselves at home.

paulus Storteboom says:

Msm is a big joke

roland esau says:

which channel is this reporter from ? how can the media become so degrading to ask such a question? whoever they are the, 1st lesson one needs to learn… RESPECT YOUR PRESIDENT !!! the people voted for him ….not CNN or MSNBC

C W says:

Only a liberal twat would ask such a question

Lt. wreck says:

Can't wait to see what xi has on Trump as he lifted the ban on ZTE after our intelligence agencies told him China uses their products to commit cyberespionage and if Congress can sack up for once Benjamin netanyahu will also be connected to Trump and the whole embassy thing that went counter to over a half century of American diplomacy.

Lt. wreck says:

The brainwashed are calling the media a disgrace? How about Trump sucking Putin's dick on the world stage and then insulting our intelligence with that weak ass excuse that was written for him? How about the leader of the most powerful nation in the history of mankind made himself look like the leader of a poor third world country begging for a handout? As for the weak ass "I misspoke" excuse just watch the summit with no audio and you will see Trump's nervous subservient body language, you will also see Putin looking confident and completely in control. What you Trump sycophants need to be wondering is if Trump was actually summoned to that summit and if he looked like a spineless jellyfish dick sucking toady in front of the world what the fuck kind of damage did he do to Americans behind closed doors and why aren't the translators the only people on Earth privy to that meeting not being questioned?. Sorry trumptards real Americans don't tolerate that level of weakness and cowardice from our leaders never have never will that MAGA 2020 shit is over.

Chris Newman says:

The left are so deluded that if Putin said they did have compromising materials, they would view Putin as honest and wise. But since he said they don't have compromising materials, they turn what he said into their own form of confirmation bias and assume it's part of the elaborate ruse they imagined into existence.

Chesty Puller says:

If I had been in the audience I would have pulled out my glock and shot that reporter in the face just saying

Right is Right says:

What an emberassment

mopardude1000 says:

Reporter had NO respect at all for President Trump or President Putin by asking that question.. Made himself look dumb and ignorant. Go back to ur parents basement and jerk off to ur dumb question..

Devin Williams says:

Putin’s reaction says it all. The conspiracy that he has “something” on the president or his family is wwwaaaayyyy out there. What an embarrassment that the media even asked that question. Geesh

Englishwarrior isaGymp says:

The mouse that roared .
An embarrassment to real journalists everywhere.

Larry Amatulli says:

He asked Putin because Mueller hasn't found shit in 19 months. Hillary got 400 million from Russia? ???? How about that, ass clown!

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