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Watch the full BBC America Doctor Who panel from San Diego Comic-Con 2018.

The new season of Doctor Who premieres this fall on BBC America.

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Philippe Hunt says:

Actually excited that a woman is taking on the role, of god nothing else it breathes some fresh, new life into the series.

MDE says:

31:58 Oh Jodie getting her companions to attention

Ruby Alice says:

Yay!!! Such a fan, so excited!

Chiko was here says:

Brilliant, I love her already

Aloysius Whiteboat says:

I'm only ten minutes in, but is it just me or does Tosin keep pulling Kevin Hart faces like he's confused?

Countfoscolikesmice says:

Nice to hear that we're getting a break from the "old monsters" Bring in the new!

Claudio Lima says:

She have to say "a lots of planets have a north".

Nicole Song says:

Damnnnn… the Doctor in veils, I am into that!

Crunkboy415 says:

Tosin looks like Chad Ocho Cinco lol

MikeRiderOOO says:

Aww brilliant!

Ally Smith says:

I already love Jodie! We as Whovians we have to learn to embrace change and difference. Can’t wait till this season starts!

BlueScarabGuy says:

What I'm gathering is that Tosin is the Tom Holland is of this group: incapable of not spoiling stuff.

Vad3r says:

should probably add 'Doctor Who' to the title..

MDE says:

I have to say that BBC America is doing a much better job with Doctor Who Series 11 content with videos like this full panel video than the BBC is doing

moon_raker says:

Love the new team and the committment to secrecy. Kinda miss Moffat's messing and constant joking during press though. He was controversial and occasionally annoying lol but his panels and teasing were more fun to watch tbh

Reestapha says:

Understandable that lots of questions were about The Doctor being a woman. I do hope though that the final result of this show addresses that The Doctor is a woman in a very very minimal way, sure at some points address some issues or maybe one or two jokes in the series here or there but as a whole would a few thousand year old Time Lord alien give a shit about being a woman? In my eyes it should be fairly throwaway and not addressed in a lot of detail, it should be very much “right I’m The Doctor and I’m exactly the same as I’ve always been in that I never bring up my gender ever” and I’d like to think that’s how the show will be run. We don’t need to talk about how much The Doctor is a woman now, just let Jodie be The Doctor we all know and love. Here’s hoping.

Kate Adjei says:

its gonna be brilliant!!!!!!!!

Letícia Cosmos says:

just WOW! I can't wait to see this new gang take over the Tardis <3 And I can't wait to see the new Tardis!!! Gosh! I love being a Whovian!

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