Modern-day slavery a growing problem in wealthy countries: report l Al Jazeera English

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Modern-day slavery in rich countries is far higher than previously thought.

The latest Global Slavery Index report found more than 40 million people across the world are living in slavery.

Al Jazeera’s Andy Gallacher reports from the UN Headquarters in New York.

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Sajid khan Bangash says:

Why dont you show your own slavery system in Qatar???

Sajid khan Bangash says:

Arabians are on the top according to slavery system they keep foreigner as a slave by Kafalah system you can not do something without kafeel's permission even you can not take a driving license you can not go back to your country without permission (khorooj)

momo lolo says:

Arabs and Africans have highest amounts of slaves, ya idiooot.

King Beef says:

this is not slavery it's forced labor, there is a difference


Qatar should be top in this list….!

ZON .ZON says:

Prophet Mohammed had black slaves….☺

Tshering Lama says:

Qatar ?? Biased media

Sunglass Shinpan says:

Yes, all blacks are still slaves in America. Well, only the ones on the democrat plantation!

John Rokzz says:


Sunglass Shinpan says:

Where are the Libyan slave blocks that Killery clinton and obama help create???

ching pong says:

Al jazeera sometimes good news. It was al jazeera who first show the Qatari football slavery. Thanks, now it's ok in Qatar.

J.L. Goodman says:

Your asking the slavers to regulate themselves? It's precisely the big corporations and the oligarchs in power who are enslaving humans for profit,they're not going to stop. On the contrary,slavery us their vision for the whole of humanity,that is the goal.

Unknown Blogger says:

In order to not be known as a place for slavery, all fingers are pointing at Qatar. Pointing fingers won't solve the problem. Act together is the way to solve the problem. Rules, regulations, etc.

Crow29Darkness says:

Qatar the wealthiest country in the world by GDP per-capita in (PPP) terms has been well documented on the horrible treatment of foreign migrant workers from poorer countries in which Qatar has been described as a Modern-day Slave State with no Labor unions there.

Amar Nadh says:

where is qatar ??????????????????????????????

Crow29Darkness says:

Mostly due to Third World Immigrants in the West using recent migrants from their own home countries as cheap slave labor.

One major reason why annual Immigration to all Western countries should be cut severely.

TwinShadowX says:

By-product of Capitalism. Profit over people

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