Ocasio-Cortez Couldn’t Define ‘Occupation of Palestine’ Despite International Relations Degree

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Dark Dan says:

Thanks to the zionist hitler the occupation of Palestine was made an agenda. European Jews were happy where they were at in Europe.

thomas leonard says:

if the democrats go to the loony left.they will loose BIG TIME and i will laugh BIG TIME!!!

FuriousGeorge45 says:

Ignorant millennials want good-looking soothsayers. No concern for policies

Jake Sullivan says:

She’s an idiot.

In God We Trust says:

She's a sad joke

mrgomelonsolaris says:

These are really weak ad hominem arguments against her. Both the occupation issue and 2 jobs issue are real world issues that she just needs to explain better. Ridicule won't make her go away.

Four Leaf says:

This little Dumbass is the DemocRATS new goldenchild???
Ha ha ha ha…
This is a Joke? Right???
Ha ha ha ha… #WalkAway!!!

NorthShoreMoana says:

Another moron tool.

TheLaser373 says:

How much do she take for blowjob?

Demarcus Brown says:

Save your money and your sanity, #walkawayfromcollegeindoctrination

J F says:

I'm leery of Israel but God she's dumb and a threat to the west.

Leslie Anderson says:

She is a mockingbird she been what to say if asked a question about anything off script she knows nothing

sdushdiu says:

The Occupation of Palestine? Now go study the history of the region, including the British Mandate for Palestine (legal instrument), and the original "Nakba", the division of TransJordan. The irony being that present day Jordan is the Palestinian homeland – except that the Palestinians and Arabs are too busy playing their tribalism games..

Video Archives says:

free Palestine

G Worm says:

Too bad she couldn’t define it. She’s obviously a dumbass. It is an occupation though, by the most racist group of people on the planet: Jews. If Americans would take the time to read the Talmud and see what most Jewish people think about us low life “goyim”, Israel wouldn’t have a friend in this world. They’re so hateful of other races that it’s truly frightening. I used to support Israel and Jews 100%. Then I read the Talmud.

pearl420001 says:

What a CUNT.

John Ratko says:

"Ocasio-Cortez Couldn’t Define ‘Occupation of Palestine’ Despite International Relations Degree"
Like all Affirmative Action degrees, it was awarded for winning the skin color lottery and has no connection to academic achievement nor knowledge.

william hill says:

She only has talking points and no real opinion. A cute face with air inside, a globalist dream.

Dinahsoar says:

She also said our current record low unemployment rate is b/c people are working two jobs!! She's clueless. The unemployment data is based on people who don't HAVE jobs, so it matters not whether a person works one job or ten, it does not figure into the unemployment rate. You won't hear that from msm though…you can find her interview where she revealed her IGNORANCE on the internet. And she's the new darling of the dems and left????

Beavis Jones says:

She’s the poster girl for pro abortion I never believed in abortion until I learned of her and wish her mom had aborted her

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