Putin Accuses Hillary Clinton Of Accepting $400 Million Dollar Illegal Donation From Russia

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Putin Accuses Hillary Clinton Of Accepting $400 Million Dollar Illegal Donation From Russia

this is news today from trump putin press conference during the putin trump press conference putin had something to say about hillary clinton this was during the helsinki summit this is trump news president trump got asked questions about election meddling also did vladimir putin president donald trump said he asked questions and wants to strengthen the relationship

this is news today and today news in politics and political news this is also top news in current events top stories and trump news about russia

original air date: 7/16/2018


Spencer Frank Clayton says:

I hate how the liberals say Trump is "Putin's poodle." So stupid.

Spencer Frank Clayton says:

Wow, the interpreter's voice sounds similar to Putin's.

proboy1 says:

isn't hillary accepting $400 million from British citizen bill browden for her campaign illegal because it came from RUSSIA funds ? ? why isn't she under investigation for that ? ?

proboy1 says:

***What's taking so long to arrest shifty schiff, soros, hillary, 0-BOMB-A, Eric holder, mccabe, roseninstien, muller, lynch, Schultz, brennan, clapper, gen. hayen, george bush, dick chenny, Leon Panetta, Mad Max, slick willie and the rest of the whole RAT FINK PACK of SCUMBAGG TRAITORS for TREASON ? ? ? ? >>>The >>>HANGING tree is WAITING ! ! ! !????

james rolison says:

THE BALLS ON THIS GUY "ya we fucked with yalls election alright, we were helping Hillary tho" hahahah man I wanna go to Russia to drink and trade story's

edobihac says:

America Is one hole honestly

Not Safe for Anything says:

I wonder what Putin did for the KGB to put him in front of the Pentagon's fXcking treason career horseshXt.

Reynaldo dela Fuente says:

truth hurts hillary dems obama and gangs thats why they planned it well they did the fake russian collusion againts trump fake snow you name it nice try to cover up their corruption americans are not stupid snd you are not above the law ill send ip man snd steven segal you are all done hillary for president for gitmo or alcatraz

Christos Gavalas says:


fasignal says:


Pam Johnson says:

Thank you President Putin for truth sets us free.

Colleen McGrady says:

As A.Einstein …said and proved .. with evidence ..”Everything is relative .”.. so the Trump /Putin meeting .. together put all differences aside .. and looked for their sameness .. the two men .. amazingly .. “bought everything back to normal.. “.. between our two conflicted countries ..! ..and …as the world knows countries act just like families .. and it
is “relative “ and related to countries .. so the meeting was a joining together and start to living in peace together justlike a normal family would do ..even with their particular likes and dislikes .. that is normal .. and it is normal for countries to act in a friendly way with respect ..towards each other just as families members do and relatives try to …and succeed in most cases .. So .. Kudos to our President and Leader Putin … it’s awesome ..for extending this new phase into friendship and a move towards creating “world PEACE”.. what’s not to like here .. It’s good .. but trust the very few ( like two ) democrats to just have to spoil and rain on that parade ….while the rest of the world heaves a sigh of relief ! ( about time ) Thankyou President Trump and Leader Putin for extending the hand of friendship ..Ya na ? Greetings from New Zealand ( P.S. .NZ has never started a war with any other country ! It is known as “The God Zone) Kia Ora everyone and smile pleeeze .. we are all on God’s camera!

aloha maui says:

I love PUTIN

Dennis Vance says:

No wonder Hillary wants war with Russia, Putin has all the dirt on her.

Big Daddy says:

And she was almost President. …

Dassha017 says:

She reminds a maniac. With red eyes. Did you see her head twitched? Her seizures? She is really insane.
Aren't her daughter afraid to stay with her one on one?
Laughs like a witch and has crazy eyes

Dassha017 says:

Hillary is a daughter of Hitler

Mr.Irish says:

Clinton’s are crooks !!!! Lock them up !!

Brett Franklin says:

Is there any chance your country can put up a credible person for president at some point in time in the near future. I know it's a far stretch and you'll probably have to dig very deep for somebody that is honest and credible but please f**** try at least

bjornunder says:

It was only 400 thousands. So putintheliar exaggerated a little….(Please don´t mistake me for a Clintonsupporter, though….

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