“That Happened Under Obama!” President Trump SCHOOLS Reporter On Russia

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“That Happened Under Obama!” President Trump SCHOOLS Reporter On Russia

this is news today from president donald trump today and president donald trump visiting nato summit where he was asked abouy vladimir putin this is today news and latest news and breaking news in politics and political news this is also us news and top stories in current events and business from trump nato press conference this is trump news today

original air date: 7/2/2018


Norman Rindom says:

I think that was pretty clear.

OsamaBinLooney says:

2020, Trump LANDSLIDE win!

Christine Madrazo says:

Bravo President Trump, bravo!!

Ruben Scott says:

I want to know how Obama was able to add 14 trillion when the it took all of America’s existence to hit 13 trillion how did he do that in 8 years now were 27 trillion in depth

Ricovali says:

Short term memory seems to run rampant within the liberal mainstreammedia.

Michael Tomlinson says:

You go tell 'em Trump.

Kevin Pratt says:

This is an impromptu news conference. With President Trump you get more than you bargained for at every level!

David Parsons says:

He is a fake ads dumbass corporation master for them not American man and woman of America.

John Anthony says:

I'm a Trump supporter but I'm getting tired of these fucking click-bait titles. How did he "school" the reporter? At what point did he imply that Trump had anything to do with Crimea? Trump didn't even answer the question. So ANY response is now "schooling" the reporter? Retarded.

Brolle says:

Wow let Russia have it lands omfg , reaearch the Crimea war during the 1800 and then tell me its not russias. // Swedish who loves Putin&Trump

Drum3a says:

Crimea River

Ison Willis says:

Its the ppl of crimea which had the last word and they said, we are russia, end of topic.

G Worm says:

Crimea wanted to be annexed by Russia. End of story and none of our business.

Douglas Compton says:


Kandy Gilbert says:

Dang straight Mr President! 🙂

Cameron Uhri says:

Crimea river, build a bridge, and get over it.

Enzed says:

The EDDY Grand Solar Minimum will be resetting this entire planet. Only those that start preparing NOW….will more than likely, be the ones to survive
Yes, GSMs are that bad….that are the cause of Empires and Dynasty's to fall…eg The Ming Dynasty. Now it's our turn.

Mystic Mac says:

Obama’s watch was right twice a day

Enzed says:

The media must be on another planet. The utter bullshit that flows out of their mouths…is a disgrace. One would think, that more than enough transition time between a change of Government…has passed….I guess not.

rymara1 says:

Such hypocrites to suddenly feign concern about the Ukraine, neither Europe or the US gave a shit enough to actually do anything to stop it early on when they could have and it's been all but forgotten….until now…

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