Watch blood moon full lunar eclipse LIVE

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The moon will glide into Earth’s shadow Friday in what will be the longest lunar eclipse of the century. The eclipse will stretch from South America to New Zealand on Friday and last almost four hours, causing the moon to appear red, a phenomenon referred to as a blood moon.

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GM Skywatcher says:

See what's happening in my skies @GM Skywatcher

Dan says:

Turned almost as red as my face did when realized comment section was disabled for the video with Justin Trudeau sexual assault allegations.

Rahul Rawat says:

Jesus Coming Back Thankyou Jesus

Не Знаю says:

I saw it from Kazakhstan

Farid Hamedi says:

I watched last night from Afghanistan

Jonathan Plumber says:

Is it a Flat Earth shadow or a Sphere shadow ?

Blue Crystal Fox says:

i know i saw it putsid eof my trailer OMG HAlPpPP ITS SO RED AhHH,

Stella Bar says:

Music was nice, not intrusive. So good to see people from all over the world sharing the viewing of this eclipse. For one moment we were one.

marlene mcmillan says:

Looking out my window in trenton is very large and more yellow..lovely

como assim? says:


Sarmin Mohona says:

thank u so much

Arpa Dey says:

There are cloudy sky , I can't see anything ..

Kinoksis says:

The Paleblood Moon is coming!

Grant us eyes.

Daniel Miller says:

thank u UAE spAcE AgEnCnY

herbert gamerblox says:

br na area so br da like nesse comentario se n fico isoladooooo

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