Dan Patrick on Urban Meyer’s Culpability: “You’re Supposed to Tell the Truth” | 8/7/18

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Dan Patrick doesn’t hold back when discussing the way Urban Meyer handled his media day press conference or the subsequent fallout.


D C says:

He shouldn't get anything, it's all hearsay and the law didn't even pursue it. This is a witch hunt by the oversensitive ppl of whatever. This stuff is ridiculous

DG says:

Fall football camp is starting now for all schools. That is what we want to talk about. Enough Urban Meyer Ohio State crap 24/7. Let’s hear College football. I turn the station whenever I hear Urban Meyer’s name.


Ohio state university is a racist socialist school

Cam M says:

Just another Ohio College football cover up……..All in the name of football and money. Doesn't matter how many lives it costs.

left side republic says:

He deserves to be fired not for what he did but for what he said "Coaches that lie should be fired"

Robert Petzold says:

How the f would Meyer react if it was one of his precious daughter's that was getting whacked into walls when they were pregnant.
He is full of shit. This d bag Smith has been messing with his ex wife since ' 09. I don't give a shit about if charges were pressed or not. The fact is Meyer covered for this piece of shit when he was on his watch and he also knew about the '15 incident and lied about it. The women went to his wife for help! R u fn kidding me. Your gonna tell me he did not know what was going on? He covered for this guy and should be fired.

Councilman Les Wynan says:

Dan Patrick, you might want to throw away your "Jump to Conclusions" mat. It failed you this time and made you look like a fool.


the biggest problem about the entire situation is that Zach Smith was only accused of domestic abuse.. no charges, only pictures of texts and pictures of marks on her.. my wife gets bruises from a gust of wind or a cat rubbing on her leg…. when the police were called and they see marks on her, Zach is in jail. she doesnt have any digression to drop charges.. He told Urban that he never hit her, what is Urban supposed to do, set up cameras in case Zach is lying? Smith was kept on the staff because on the outside, he did nothing wrong. it was he say, she say.. when Smith did do something wrong, he was fired. this is so simple, but yet the media is running away with all of these speculations.. Courtney needs to release the metadata and timestamps for the text messages for any DV case against Zach Smith to hold up

Venti says:

No matter what OSU decides to do with Urban, he has been exposed as a hypocritical fraud. He has "Treat women with respect" all over the locker room as a core value, but he kept a domestic abuser on his staff for 3 years and even renewed Zach Smith's contract TWICE. But hey, he beats Michigan so everything is fine with Buckeye fans

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