Chicago Calls On Trump For Help, Rahm Emanuel’s Time Is Up

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The people of Chicago have spoken up. Chicago’s 300th homicide occurred over the weekend and the people have had enough. Rahm Emanuel has failed them, and they’re seeking help from anyone who wants to give it.

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Jason Smith says:

Trump will help the black community, just give him a chance. He is not the “white supremacist” or “Nazi” that the MSM claims he is in their fake news. He cares and will help, just give him a chance!!!!

ingram says:

Shits really gonna hit the fan once we can get Detroit and the rest to join in on this movement.

Cj Smith says:

I don’t understand now their calling the white supremacist President. Why not call The al sharpton. Mad max water. Whoopi Goldberg, jayz and Michelle…

Andre Abreu says:

Alex Jones was first to go. Will DC be next?

Bob O'Hara says:

The left is in serious trouble. The number of black people catching on to their identity politics scam is quickly approaching critical mass. Pretty soon they will no longer be able to count on their vote.

randy smith says:

Emanuel is obviously way over his head. He needs to step aside. By the way, where is Chicago's know it all superstar, Obama, in all this? Just like when he was President – he's turned his back on these people again. Isn't this EXACTLY what the amazing community organizer did ?? Where is he now? Off partying while a 17 year old girl gets shot in the face and lies face down on the street. WHERE IS OBAMA ???

randy smith says:

This is NOT about poverty as much as it is about culture. 3 out of 4 black children are raised in homes with no Father. With easy access to welfare, the black families no longer have a financial need for a male role model at home. This violence will get worse until the cultural problems are addressed. Too many of these children learn on the streets, not at home. Sad 🙁

M. Bax says:

Stop voting left! Stop voting blue! Chicago needs a RED WAVE

Stinky Lebinowitz says:

Here's how the negros can fix the problem they helped create.
Every one of them gets on the phone and calls the cops and snitches on every drug dealer, murderer and thief they know and tell the cops exactly what they did.
BUT……we know that will never happen. Too many are related to the dindu's who have been doing all the drug dealing, thieving and killing.

grny28 says:

Rahm's speech was spot on with placing the blame on these thugs & calling out the justice system for being weak on crime.

Rkk O'Tilley says:

ya got what ya wanted is all I can say….free yer mind from the plantation of the demcrats….then stand up for the 1st amendment…it is goin away….eff youtube in their muslim goat ass

bill bixby says:

Sarah Palin was a better mayor than this slimeball.

Bob Beckel says:

I have the feeling Donald Trump is the first Republican to offer the
black man an alternative to the con game the Democrats have been
playing on them since the Civil War. It is good to see people who are
taking an active interest in their community. The price of freedom.

GoodDogNigel says:

Everyone remember Obama was from Illinois and did nothing to help the problem.

atletico ATM says:

Rahm is suing because Trump's DOJ wants to enforce immigration laws and end stupid sanctuary cities' policies. Rahm is the one who ended good police practices like *stop & frisk*, which may cause some inconvenience but it's an amazing way to shock bad actors and seed deterrence in the society. The Mayor is terrible and blacks must learn. Dude, I never bought the leftist stupid ideologies of foucsing on our differences.

DimebagVision says:

Well well well….
Look who finally decided to cave in!
Chicago hated Trump, now they crawl to his mercy. How pathetic! If I were Trump, I would let them suffer with their little mayor.

R A says:

When will the African American left, that keep voting these democrat demons in office finally realize the the democrats don't give a rats you know what for them, Them only cater to them on how much they care, when its voting time. You want to talk about a racist, godless demonic group of facists??? Ladies and Gentlemen,…… I give you the democrat Party!

surferlaments says:

rahm is what is known as democrat scum. recall him, get him out of chicago or put him in jail…. your choice chicago. do it.

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