Colorado Springs Gets Hammered with Baseball Sized Hail

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Baseball-sized hail fell in southern Colorado about 3 p.m. Monday. Areas of southern Colorado Springs, Security, Widefield, Fountain and Fort Carson were just slammed by HUGE hail stones, resulting in major power outages. The powerful storm pummeled the Cheyenne Mountain zoo with large hail which injured 14 people and killed at least three animals – two vultures and a duck. Classes have been cancelled for Tuesday (the first day of school in Hanover District 28.

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Justin Guthrie says:

I live in Colorado springs, missed this event by one day . Good thing I was in Nevada. Damn!

Nicole A says:

oh it's very real…even cop cars are driving around with their windows smashed….dead birds, looks like fall because of trees being beaten

Trevor Jameson says:

Colorado Springs is well-known for bad hail storms. How is this news? It happens every summer.

Free Irish/Mexican American Girl says:

I personally witnessed recently in New Mexico. Hell the size of Dimes. Just recently I know that's not that unordinary. What struck me as odd was the fact that there was really no this tiny little cloud above us and literally the sky was clear with the sun shining at the same time.

Daniel Mascarenas says:

2 animal's died and 14 people injured at Cheyenne mountain zoo. Day went to night and it started coming down.

Joe Weedhopper says:

This is the second hail storm in Fountain Colorado this year, around Jun 13 was the first one with slightly bigger hail that did more damage, two of my cars were totaled and my truck has 16.000 dollars damage, concrete shingles even broke.

Showdown says:

Who cares………………………………

Ginger Ale says:

This shit happens every other day! Which explains why so many cars are all dented to shit! Colorado springs sucks!!!!

Jay says:

Poor fucking pot heads !!

Pat Gray says:

Hope they were safe while this is going on. Revelation speaks of hail mingled with blood. Exodus plaques in the bible coming to life. Prayers for safety

Roberto Martinez says:

Many people won't believe anything until it happens to them. Unfortunately, for them, no one believes them when it does.

Kool Marrs says:

Nothing happens that The Most High Yah wont allow. Our Father is visiting the Earth. Its time to get Right. He said that these things would happen and so it IS

ze d says:

It's the summer though why they getting hail snow wtf is goin on


Colorado is "Hail Alley"!

RoxanneforTruth andJustice says:

It was coming down so hard and then it started roaring! I started praying. I have never heard it like that. Right now at 2:50 pm here in Springs its thundering real loud and starting to rain. Hope its not a repeat performance.

ms furball says:

these large hail stones are happening all over the world, it seems ! the strangeness is the frequency of them falling – thanks for the update !

Michael : says:

So what, this happens pretty regular here. Lol Softball sized in like 1986. What a bunch of hyper-feminized scared losers!

John Brightleaf says:

Poor creatures. Thats quite a storm

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