Daily Caller Reporters Read Hate Mail #2

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Daily Caller reporters read hate mail. Some of the comments and messages they receive are shockingly rude.
Whatever happened to tolerance?

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Jeff Dickey says:

I love these types of videos. The best one ever is when Obama said Trump would never be President.

Todd Dunning says:

I will now finish my salad

Praise God says:

Stephanie is hot.

First Name Last Name says:

sad thing is we all know damn well people say wayyyyyyyyy worse things to these girls

First Name Last Name says:

damn stephanie

sarah michel says:

i love all you guys and gals!!….Steph your wardrobe is JUST FINE!

internet arguments won says:

Nice spray tan Jena.

Bobby Wilhelm says:

Stephanie, the color blue was made just for you, wow. All of you are good sports by the way, fun video.

Greg Rollins says:

Your all funny and you look good in blue. It's on the steelers logo.

Ken Weberg says:

The Cheeto eaters from their moms basement back at it again. LOLOLOL

Ben Ben says:

You guys are heroes in my book. I’m a Marine vet who’s parents and grandparents immigrated to this great country. I’m really just started watching your videos and just wanted to say Semper Fi, keep up the good work.

DrewTronics says:

Great job guys!

Professor Layabout says:

Sexy ladies!

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