Unprecedented EF3-Equivalent FIRENADO Incinerates Homes In California

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The tornado was hovering over the house,’ Amanda Woodley, Bledsoe’s granddaughter, told CNN. ‘It was just a tornado fire over the house. It was the most intense tornado in California history. But unlike most tornadoes, this vortex had a swirl of flames that reached an unprecedented 143 mph as it barreled toward Redding and scraped the bark off trees, uprooted trunks and incinerated homes.

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Truth361 says:

We have been killing people by bombs, drones, missiles and separating children from their parents and now we are paying it back. Someone must have been keeping the balance.

LaLa Laura says:

i just came to see the firenado, and started reading the comments. can someone please let me know what the hell is going on? those are some pretty crazy theories

Eason Wright says:

laser created fire no doubt. we ate being attacked.

Eason Wright says:

you see how lasers are creating hurricanes and tornados.


Seriously injured, a couple evacuating in a vehicle blocks away from the river were driving in front of the firenado when they suddenly found themselves in the river, blocks away. The woman claims she does not remember how they came to be in the river. They have burns and were hospitalized. She describes many large rats, snakes, And small animals scurrying along the river banks, and deer, some seemed on fire, were leaping into the river about them.

FIST Hand of Fate says:

Pillar's of Fire

Madam Mortified says:

And the Alex Jones stunt is also a GAME to them. They could shut down the entire internet any time they choose…But they love playing games and laughing in our faces while they do it. The Alex Jones shenanigan is a GAME. They can and will do whatever in HELL they want and there is nothing we can do about any of it but REPENT to GOD in the Name of JESUS CHRIST. THAT IS THE TRUTH.

Madam Mortified says:

Understand that there is nothing NORMAL about any of this. The filthy wicked people that are INTENTIONALLY terrorizing us continually in fact ENJOY terrorizing us because they are EVIL. They work for the DEVIL.

Topsoil Depletion Awareness (closing the loop) says:

Sharknadoes coming next

Mike Mikey says:

On july 28 at 12:30pm.5 tanker trucks.spray painted army green tanks an desert storm tan cabs.came through monroe n.c. looked weird.1..i wonder what they were carrying. Pai t looked like they were coveri g up the writting on the trucks.!!!!

the invisible seen says:

Apocalypse NOW. .in stages..no joke..horrifically serious and distressing. .been a few small ones here in UK..most haven't been on mainstream news either. .weather totally messed up..who's or what's causing this..no one knows for sure.. 🙁

Janell Sehlbach says:

Please do a video on the hurricanes headed towards Hawaii and the one off Baja Mexico. I had a vision of these hurricanes with the volcano involved two years ago and it seems to be a significant event.

Jolange Liu says:

This is foretold in the bible, that stuff like this will happen in the end times…pillars of smoke and fire. Jesus is coming soon!

Rapture Angel says:


Kat McNamara says:

The channel A Plain Truth has a video of the aftermath of the “firenado” aka DEW weapons. It’s very sobering.

peter Smith says:

They will hit australia with this in the upcoming bushfire season.. they will make it global and they will censor anyone who exposes it as being directed energy weapons

peter Smith says:

These are created by directed energy weapon systems.. it is to create panic about so-called "global warming"

Allen Newland says:

This is biblical it says the 4 winds will come and the wicked will be destroyed by fire

Paul of Libra Media says:

Directed energy weapons!

Larry Ellington says:

I have been watching you on & off since 2012. Not a word from Dahboo on censorship? Speak up or lose respect.

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