California’s Super-Volcano ‘Long Valley Caldera’ Could Release 140 Cubic Miles of Material

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A SUPER-VOLCANO in California which erupted with devastating results hundreds of thousands of years ago has a vast reservoir of semi-molten magma measuring a staggering 240 cubic MILES, a new study has suggested. The amount of magma in the Long Valley Caldera is so large it could support an eruption equivalent to the massive one which occurred 767,000 years ago, which released 140 cubic miles of material into the atmosphere. y comparison, the 1980 Mount St Helens eruption resulted in the release of 0.29 cubic miles.

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LOGiKiX says:

Surrender to Christ for Mystery Babylon will be destroyed.

Alex G says:

Yellowstone will go off in our generation alll the signs are there!! News media won't tell the truth and USGS won't tell the truth!!

Alpha One says:

There burning effigies over at Bohemian grove to sacrifice us to devil for power ! What you think the place is drying up and catching fire .

hajar yusop says:

Its already near to end of time.. Pls Recite Quran, Allah will show you the right path. Worship Allah and u will get eternal life in heaven. World is just a test from Him.

Martin White says:

This is the way we will be taken the earth has been steady but its a volatile place .We have had repopulation and devastation in modern times before, so who are we why are we monitored by beings in space and below the earth.

Sabrina Catlin says:

I live not too far from this caldera. I have had a feeling for a while that something will happen with it, but it became even more eerie when I had a dream about my home being surrounded by fire reigning down from the sky. It became even more crazy when my 12 yr old daughter told me about a dream she had about our home being surrounded by lava.

Mannequinwizard says:

Thats northwest of Bishop California

Save My Soul says:

They never talk about this volcano. California is doomed. All the fires and now this. North from there is Mt. Lassen. This is another potential hazard.

Gary Farina says:

hopefully all hollyweirdos will be home when this comes down, academy awards would be perfect

James Brink says:

So is it 140 or is it 240?

Lynn Morgan says:

Thank you for the information!!!

Puffin says:

Just as likely that planet Earth will be swallowed by a giant mollusc from a far, far galaxy sometime soon

bdruckus says:

So 3 different ways we can be screwed lol

Marty N says:

As for California….after it's seen the worst and whatever remains..well, let that happen and THEN give it back to Mexico…they claim it theirs anyway…and want it back! Uh…they can keep it. Who wants to live there…?

Marty N says:

HEY MAN! OR ANYONE: WHERE'S THE EVIDENCE TO PROVE THAT "ANYTHING" HAPPENED "767,000 years ago" (ref- comment box)??? That's well beyond the scope of any documentation, artifact, evidence…carbon 14 dating is and has always been flawed; not taking into account of no "control" or variable…a comparison if you will, to match say, something we know and can prove is 100 years old to an unknown object of said ancient origins…MAYBE A TOPIC FOR THE FUTURE and that's the true age of the earth (approx 12,000 yrs)…????????????????????????????????????????????????

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