No verdict reached as Trump calls Manafort trial ‘very sad’

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Day two of jury deliberations comes to a close in the Paul Manafort trial; legal panel reacts on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’


32shumble says:

So the POTUS is endorsing bank and tax fraud?

King James VI Scotland says:

"Contempt of court" "lying to investigators" is anyone being charged with real crimes nowadays?

johnlyn1 says:

How can Trump possibly influence the jury when the jury is not allowed to watch any news? And what about the media influencing the jury before they are ever seated? For almost a year the media has been influencing all potential jurors with their 24/7 nonstop fake reporting on Manafort by making his case appear to be associated with Trump? Every single headline and every single article always states, "Former Trump Campaign Manager, Paul Manafort…." Yet his case has nothing at all to do with Trump and his campaign. All it takes is one Trump hater to be on that jury and Manafort is denied a fair trial. The same exact thing is happening with Cohen. How can he possibly get a fair trial if he is indicted for anything and especially if he is tried in New York? Any juror who doesn't like Trump will convict him no matter what! Manafort faces the same problem and we already see evidence of this when the jury asked the judge to better define what reasonable doubt means. This is obvious there are jurors ignoring the overwhelming reasonable doubt the defense showed in their closing argument. I read parts of that transcript and they have clearly shown reasonable doubt on every single charge and especially on the bank fraud charges. Yet they are still stuck deliberating. No one who is honest with themselves could possibly find Manafort guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The proof for that is just not there. Especially when all the charges require intent and willfulness. Like even Comey said when it comes to having to prove intent, no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges, yet Mueller's team did it anyway. If they find Manafort guilty on any of the charges it will be a grave miscarriage of justice because there is no possible way any person who is being honest with themselves could find him guilty based on beyond a reasonable doubt. But he's being tried in Virginia where he is likely stuck with liberal Trump hating jurors and his next trial in D.C. will be even much worse for getting a fair jury.

Edmond Casasa says:

What the Hell does this trial have to do with Russian Collusion??

william nicholson says:

I still donot get how an investigation for collusion of trump can legally put someone in court for tax evasion which is not even in the warrant. This was a state funded investigation to find embarassing dirt on trump to extort him and control him with blackmail but there is nothing to find.

brian champney says:

We are totally off the rails, Trump is out of control. A president should never comment on an ongoing investigation. No other president pulled this shit. Nixson did it once about the Manson trial and they almost declared a mistrial.

Jason Oliver says:

6:45 yeah it’s gotten far away since Hillitard and Obummer are not in prison! If they don’t get charged for their very public crimes why should anyone get in trouble!!!!!!

Russell Paine says:

Rocks-in-the-Head Randy.

Raymond Martin says:

What are all the wackos going to do when Manafort is found not guilty?? They'll say the jury was swayed by Trump and his tweets or some other bullshit spin they come up with. If Manafort only gets found guilty on the lower charges the left will blame Trump also. The left still think this case is going to somehow effect the collusion investigation. That's how blind and ignorant they truly are.

PickelJars ForHillary says:

According to MSNBC this should have been a 3 sec deliberation as Manafort was 110% guilty of everything crime know to mankind.

Tristan says:

That guy is blind without those glasses. Imagine how he would have survived in prehistoric times.

Tammy Whatever says:


Tractor Nation says:

Check out my anti communist videos

A Marq says:

Q has all the dirt on Muelface

Bryochemical Intuition says:

Not guilty! Stand by America

apope06 says:

The jury is sequestered from the news. Lol

George Tow says:

This witch hunt can't find any Russia Trump collusion evidence so they target those around President Trump and what they got? Tax evasion! End this witch hunt already. Let IRS handle tax evasion. Peace

Dustin Shelves says:

Just the fact CNN and the rest want to expose , tried to expose the jury members is a corrupt action. They know it , we know it . See you on election day

Beyond_the_Infinite says:

I was a juror and I voted with my conscience based upon the facts, not obscure technicalities or orders from the judge.

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