Mexican Cartel Boss Places $100K Hit On Breitbart Writer, Gets Swift Justice

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He tried to stop the truth, but he learned that in America, karma’s a b*****.

Don’t let anyone tell you things are just peachy in Mexico. Every day, drug cartels spread terror and death across the country.

Only a few American journalists will tell you the truth. One of them works for conservative news site, Breitbart.

After continued coverage of the cartels in Mexico, Jose Luis Lara was the target of a terrifying order.

A cartel boss put a $100,000 reward for the murder of this reporter. Imagine that: this man’s life was in danger, just for doing his job.

The good news is, we didn’t have to wait long before justice was served.

From Breitbart:

Only 48 hours after a top cartel boss in Mexico placed an assassination hit on one of the contributing writers for Breitbart Texas’s Cartel Chronicles project, Mexican military forces captured him.

This week, Cesar “El Boto” or “El Marrueco” Sepulveda Arellano, a leading member of Los Viagras Cartel, placed a $100,000 USD hit on Breitbart Texas’s Jose Luis Lara…

Only 48 hours after El Boto issued the threats, the Mexican Army and Navy followed an anonymous tip to a house in Morelos–where they arrested him.

Man, American journalists don’t know how good they have it.

Fake news reporters can spew all kinds of hate every day. They are rewarded by their networks.

But we have one of few reporters actually covering reals and his life was in danger.

Maybe if we had, I dunno, a wall across the border, this threat wouldn’t have meant much. But because of the ease with which cartel members enter the United States, Lara was in real danger.

If this story sounds shocking, don’t be fooled. The Mexican cartels have a long history of silencing reporters.

They don’t want the world to know about how they run many towns and cities in Mexico. Or how they pay off government officials and local police.

So they kill anyone—reporters or citizens—who try to expose them.

This is the first time we’ve learned about an American reporter getting caught in their crosshairs.

Thankfully, this man was caught. The threat of the hit is greatly diminished, given he won’t be able to pay out.

But this isn’t the end. The drug cartels still have free rein in many parts of Mexico. Even with this boss captured, others will try to silence reporters.

Which is why we must secure our border at all costs.

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