🇦🇫 Founder of Haqqani Network dead in Afghanistan, says Taliban | Al Jazeera English

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The Taliban in Afghanistan has announced the death of Jalaluddin Haqqani.

He founded the Haqqani Network, responsible for decades of suicide bomb attacks and hostage-taking.

It was designated “international terrorist organisation” by the United States and the UN.

His son Sirajuddin, who succeeded him as leader, said his father died after a “long battle with an illness.”

Al Jazeera’s Natasha Ghoneim has more.

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Irfan Khan says:

Haqqanis and Afghan Taliban are heroes of sub continent. U.S did bad with them as they always did to their allies throughout the century. U.S is responsible for spreading state terrorism, anarchy and lawlessness everywhere, 14 countries are destabilized by U.S, after plunder and loot their minerals and resources. Its time to unite against worst tyrannic face of imperialism founded by U.S, its not super power but a country of thefts and pirates who are robbing the world to feed their own self and their nation is also included in this crime because they are silent and the reason is because they are also getting share of it.

Dees Nutz says:

Yeeeeaaahhh, Thank Gawd……

farooq azam says:

being pakistani pashtoon i love huqqani sahib

anshuman jaiswal says:

hope he got his 72 virgins which he wished for !!!!!!

carter says:

Insanity…. Bunch of crazies in the middle east

Abbas Khan says:

who is terrorist ?

Battle of Valmy says:

Glad he is dead. Should've died sooner

Garden City says:

Rest in goat s**t paedophile!

ezat veema says:

pakistan is trying to cash his death

abuaimen28 says:

What we learn here, there is no friendship just interest. yesterdays friend will be tomorrow's enemy.

Wahyu Tyassholiha says:

Mau hidup atau mati…masa bodoh, orang jorok, kliatan jarang mandi…hiiii…jijik

Mark Lo says:

In 50 years, these mullahs with big beards will all be gone. I sense peace coming.

Ilyas Khattak says:

He will remember as a hero in Muslim and he is my hero


So Many Arab Networks…Cant Keep Track Of Them All

Daryl Leckt says:

another terrorist trained by reagans 1980s cia only to become americas current enemy.
conservatism is always on the wrong side of geo politics.
the middle classes primary concern is always political stability and economic growth at home.
conservatives concern is the investors profits from the military industrial complexs never ending wars.
where did americas $21,000,000,000,000 national debt come from?
promoting eternal war.


Heheheeeee. 1 at a time .

Artistic Endeavors says:

Good riddance!

Edward Martinez says:

A killer is gone! Good riddance.

bludhound73 says:

So much hair dye in that beard.

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