Obama takes aim at Trump and op-ed fallout continues | Power & Politics

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Former U.S. President Barack Obama took aim at President Donald Trump in a speech at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. McKay Coppins, staff writer at the Atlantic, weighs in on Obama’s comments, Trump’s reply and the fallout of the New York Times op-ed.

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latias dragnier says:

Don’t forget that an FBI contract “lure” contacted George in Europe and hired him to do some consulting work. The lure tried to dirty George up and gave him $10,000 in bills, surely marked bills, as a fee. When George arrived in the US shortly after, the FBI stopped him before he passed through customs. They thought they’d bag George with the cash. They probably would even have claimed the money came from a Russian. The FBI blew it, because George had left that money behind in Europe. If I remember the story correctly.two Russians that requested meeting at trump tower were granted clearances by obama at fusiongps request

Greg M says:

The Russian TROLLS/BOTS are working overtime in the comments section. They get paid for every response, it's best to just BLOCK them and give them a thumbs down.

Joseph Pace says:

Ugh. Obama isn't That much better than Trump. Maybe a little, though. I wish Obama would stop fighting Bernie people.

BettyBettyBoBetty says:

oh wow a REAL president !!!

ElJefe45acp says:

Loser obama everything you did President Trump has over turned!

Loretta Fitzie says:

What a fool! Obama didn’t you get the memo? You’re no longer relevant. Go away!

psp785 says:

2 years too late

Mary Czarnik says:

Obama was the one that said you can not bring mfg jobs back to American now he wants to take credit for that. You put America 8 trillion in debt. What did he do for gun violence and shootings in Chicago while in office 8 yrs. "Nothing". Diversity is not working. You brainwashed the White people for 8 yrs to hate each other and now encouraging the college students. Let the students think for themselves. Now every time some says something they don't like it is called racists or White supremacist.

Shawn R says:

That monkey needs to go back into his cage

Truth Wolf says:

The only problem with Trump is he is not Canada’s leader.

ElJefe45acp says:

The ignorant hoard that follows this bufoon that couldn’t manage his own checkbook

Douglas Thornstone says:

I have spent years listening to the afro yanks & they all say they are waiting for putin to launch the ballistics & then they are going to rise up & slaughter every single caucasian American that exists. They say they already are holding many of them as slaves on their militant training bases in America. I love afros but they are determined to wipe you out as soon as russia attacks. They are even calling each other 'comrads' now

big fish says:

coming from a man that created issi

Antanas Cibirka says:

Obumer is the face and voice of hypocrisy and lies.



Derek Woodford says:

CBC website banned me from commenting on that website for a month… It's just a matter of time before conservative voices across the country are muzzled and the propaganda the CBC spews has poisoned the minds of the weak.

Kool Cool says:

Forget this fool

Brian Mccorry says:

The fool w/ the money printing machine is back!

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