Kamala Harris Shouts And Yells Trying To Interrupt Brett Kavanaugh Hearing

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Kamala Harris Shouts And Yells Trying To Interrupt Brett Kavanaugh Hearing

This is Senate Judiciary Committee this is politics and political news in us news and latest news and breaking news in today news and us news

original air date: 9/4/2018


Yvette Laudat says:

What about the Clintons? Have any
documents on them?

revolutionpm says:

The Democratic party can take total responsibility for this circus atmosphere.
Not only have they failed to discourage incivility, they have encouraged it from a disgruntled voter group
and elected body of representatives that have already shown disregard for the rules where
they apply to them.

Luis M says:

Was that Lavar Ball?

Kee Zee says:

Unreal .. Digusting ! Finally they Are "showing" their" "True" "Colors".

Philip morgan says:

Cory “Spartacus” Booker and Kamala “yes or no” Harris have surpassed Mad Maxine and Crazy Nancy in their insanity.

Philip morgan says:

Democrats……..calling them spoiled children would be an insult to children.

Dale Paynter says:

America, stand up to the DemoRats

jane toscano says:

These are the same people that keep minorities in their "place" and most have benefited from the corruption that makes them millionaires like Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein. The time has come for people to stand up and finally see these phonies for what they are and walk away.

Truth Xposed says:


goatbut29 says:

When is enough enough?! Aren't we tired of pretending they care about America?! NO ONE hates this country more than the left and their ilk. Only a civil war could save us now.

Matt Morton says:

Liberal bitches

classybro1 says:

Grassely your a fuckin Prick… your a fuckin Fake son of a bitch….

Ralph Cansler says:

Democrats show their colors

jazzdad24 says:

They are acting like 3-4 year old!!!

W. Monroe says:

RUSHING???? Are you fucking kidding??? Its moving to damn slow. Shut the hell up baldylocks.

Too Many Hobbies says:

REPUBLICANS ALL THE WAY 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too Many Hobbies says:

Cory Booker we will recognize YOU on the street Cory Booker!!! YES WE WILL!! YOU SIR ARE A DISGUSTING INDIVIDUAL!!

Too Many Hobbies says:

Where is the DC POLICE!!! LOCK THEM UP!

Too Many Hobbies says:

This seems like a 3rd world country F—K these liberal F–KS!!

Too Many Hobbies says:

We will recognize you on the street Kamala Harris!! YES WE WILL!!!!

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