Typhoon Mangkhut heads toward Philippines, China

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Typhoon Mangkhut barrelled closer to the northeastern Philippines on Friday, where a massive evacuation was underway. After the Philippines the 900-km wide storm, classified as Category 5 super typhoon, is expected to track towards the Chinese mainland south of Hong Kong.

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SuperHeart Dot Org PSN EPIC SuperHeart20 says:

"When 1,000,000 are asked to leave their homes and do, we either live in a perfectly utilitarianistic society or a very cleverly disguised MEDIA dictatorship" – SH

Abdy Gabriel Beltran Hernandez says:

China storms? Oh boy that storm will be held until they turn on the TV and see it is God who will shield them.

Tide Cruz says:

It is already here a little past 1:00 am. Strong winds you can hear wind whistling through our windows.

Pagiingat po sa lahat at patnubayan po tayo ng Poong May Kapal.

Catleya Neko says:

Its 5:21 here in my place, from the Philippines. Its raining for hours now, its not a heavy rain but the wind is so strong nd howling. I cant sleep well at all 🙁

Mauli Ako says:

Thanks for updating us…we have families there.

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