Female Supporters of Judge Kavanaugh Hold #IStandWithBrett Press Conference

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A group of six women who have known Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh personally or professionally dating back to his school days will speak at an “#IStandWithBrett” press conference at the JW Marriott hotel in Washington, DC, Friday.

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Laura Buondelmonte says:

Bravo, there are people who actually stand up for their thoughts. BUT, you will not find it on major media, what a shame. This video says it all, I stand with Brett

J Jeb says:

Are you going to believe all these professional women or one woman who has a lot of reasons to accuse a Trump nominee to the SS court? Did you know the accuser’s brother is employed with connection to Fusion GPS? Yes that Fusion GPS that manufactured the dossier? She’s not just a marcher for planned Parenthood…she was asked to be in charge of one of the March’s in Calif. she has a too many reasons to do this. Couple that with how she’s doing all these delay tactics makes her disingenuous not to mention anyone who doesn’t even know what year something happened…really has no right to destroy someone else’s life even if her accusations were true (and we all know they’re not or certainly not with this man).

Candy Clews says:

Bless you ladies.

Lewis Atkinson says:

This is the best statement to everyone and his Wife especially, She Won the Prize, A Man of Great Character and Integrity…

Karen Holewa says:

I stand with Brett

raccoon says:

Only problem girls is you never said she was a lying bitch.

Tom H. says:

A woman's worst enemies are always other women. Proven again. Shameful!

raccoon says:

CNN just reported 60 of the women are from the school that hated the liars school as i make a cartoon come true with Cuomo.


Why ask questions THEY KNOW THE ANSWERS TO! D.F. BEING PAID.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tim Brady says:

I didn’t see any pink hats , that could be problematic ,as “ they” like to say .

mjs1231 says:

Where is cnn when there is real news?

mjs1231 says:

Lol ya think??? Msm is totally trying to smear trump at every turn. Wait….. the russians…lmao

Heidi Yodel says:

I bet you'd have a difficult time finding a jewish woman in the company of these beautiful Christian woman.

AllforCJW says:

This should be aired on MSM and these ladies should give their testimonies at the senate hearing. These articulate, intelligent ladies are more credible than a whole bunch of liberal celebs who arent even friends of the accuser claiming they believe in the accuser simply because she is a female

John A. O E says:

The lady in green is smart and in control

Mike newman says:

Beautiful women, he never wen't after any of them.

SingMySong Miss Rose says:

Thank you ladies! You stand in an enviable position, with me wishing I had known Brett Kavanaugh in a personal way to have such a good impact on my life as you say he has on yours. But I believe your witness and stand with you in spirit on that platform.

truth truth says:

If even 50% of what these women say is true, then the United States would be an awesome country with zero poverty and zero abuses of power which is just not true.
As a Nun of over a decade helping the homeless, I've seen injustice after injustice in every dimension pf American society.
Power corrupts and the enablers such as everyone who denies the fact that most human beings are not driven by virtue but by personal interest and/or that of their families.
As long as there has been ignorant people, who are incapable of empathy because they lack perspective of the difficulties others face, is as long as we have people who are willing to lie to others and gang up on others who are just trying to live their lives.

What you need to know is that when a woman comes forward with such allegations, it is because it is absolutely necessary because she puts her life on the line so it is happening that 9 out of 10 women are being sexually assaulted but do not come forward. So when one person does, they are bound to have a serious problem dealing with hoards of people who try to protect and therefore enable these men who do this.

We have just witnessed a big time doctor in gymnastics have woman after woman step forth to testify that he sexually assaulted them.
How difficult is it for you people to think about this and apply it to the reality in front of you.

Because of enablers such as you women, men; who just don't have it in themselves to turn themselves in or tell on themselves, are enabled to keep doing theur same crimes but in larger numbers.

Remember the ONE woman coming forward to complain of this olympic medical doctor many years before he was finally stopped???? People like all of you brought her down.
Then she, like other women were hushed for decades before he was finally brought to justice.


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