Footage Doesn’t Show What Cruz Did MINUTES After Being RUN OUT of Restaurant by Rabid Leftist

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Savannah Pointer for the Conservative Tribune reports, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi were forced to leave a Washington D.C. area restaurant on Monday after protesters surrounded them and began yelling incessantly.

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The Next News Network says:

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Thomas D says:

What if the FBI proves Kavanaugh is a survivor, will they come back to apologize or go their next fascist meeting.

jw23 says:

I am so glad to hear!!! Such good news today!!!

Jimmy Holland says:

Why is it that only the LEFT does stupid things like this? Red major wave coming because the sane people will win the day!!!

behind eNemY lines says:

The left…so tolerant…so peaceful…so open minded…and such fucking HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Walker says:

These guys make claims of hate all the time but let’s look at the history folks. George Soros financed the neo nazi protest in the Ukraine and both black lives matter and the neo nazis in Charlottesville. Racism ?

My New Obsession With says:

They look stupid repeating the same thing over and over but then again at least they're not sucking off each other.

cold honky says:

Ive got two pairs of brass knuckles would have broke these libtards up by myself

Ijeffrey Trian says:

I would pick up anything not nailed down and start killing them.

Manuel Hernandez says:

Democrats wtf

John Walker says:

Great post, chef Fabio! Smart man, elbows off the table! Lol!

whutzat says:

I wouldn't leave. I would grin and sip my drink while I waited for the police to clear the place. Then continue on.

Thomas Andrejko says:

You confront me and I will fill you full of holes !

Thomas Andrejko says:

Lefties are pathetic and mentally deranged jackasses !

SemperFi 83 says:

All of them should have their fucking eyes burnt out with pepper spray. Fucking degenerates.

wutang6020 says:

Democrats are scum!

Naomi Decker says:

If these people would get jobs and go to work, they would have less time to go around screaming at good people. Get a real job instead of getting money to cause trouble.

Bluewater Dragonfly says:

Women's rights. aka indiscriminate sex and freedom to murder their own children.

pawpaw pawpaw says:

feminist stalkers.

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