Wikipedia bans Breitbart news articles from its site

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Wikipedia editors voted to ban Breitbart as a source of fact in it articles. The consensus, reached late last month, agreed that the outlet “should not be used, ever, as a reference for facts, due to its unreliability.” Wikipedia editors also decided that InfoWars is a “conspiracy theorist and fake news website,” and that the “use of InfoWars as a reference should be generally prohibited.

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Michael Griffin says:

trump wont need alt media like a jones etc to win the next election . he is building support by exposing some of the deep s. he takes down hrc and he will kick ass

darkstalkerknight63 says:

It's about time, breitbart and infowars are very conservative opinion shows. They are not actually using the facts to get their opinions at all so they shouldn't be used as facts.

Wow. This guy is an emotional right way SJW moron. Communism is right wing, they are and have always been against liberals because liberals stand for freedom.

This guy is doing a lot of crying because his feelings got hurt.

Dude you are on the side of thur nazis.

Quit your bitching. No the users shouldn't be use that way.

All this right wing sjw tears, oh it taste so sweet.

No it's not silencing anyone at all. They can still say what their OPINIONS are but that can't be use as a fact when it is not.

No it's not doing any of that. It's just you're butt hurt

TheReady500 says:


Lizzie Baker says:

I'm currently reading Sept-Dec issue 53 of Uncensored magazine. The cover story 'The Coup Against Trump Is In Progress' reflects what Ed is noting here. Also has articles on the normalisation of pedophilia, Brit Intel being behind Russiagate, Hitler in Argentina (1947) and Operation Paperclip, Judea declaring war on Germany in 1933, Voice to Skull 5G technology, some 9/11 Bin Laden info, predictive programming, and some great meme's. Another credible thought-provoking product of NZ!

Hip Hoopin says:

Really? People just gonna sit here and say Breitbart is a legit news source. COME ON PEOPLE!

RoseThistleArtworks says:

My decree is that Vice is not factual, therefore, no one, not even you, Ed, are allowed to look at, read, talk about, or peruse Vice articles. Nah. I could never be such a control freak like that. lol

Ann E says:

The kinds of entries Wikipedia has blocked from allowing anyone to edit is very telling also. Obviously they want to be able to control the sources used because it allows them to control the information. It has become more corrupted with a certain narrative and agenda for some years now.

bipola telly says:

Only citizen journalists are Journalism these daze.
Fakenews journalism, isn't.

Damien Pol says:

I've seen some embellishments on Breitbart over the years but they're not as bad as Mother Jones, Daily Beast, BuzzFeed, Salon, RawStory, Media Matters, Think Progress, TYT, Daily Kos, Huffington Post, Common Dreams, AlterNet, Democracy Now, Truthout, Rewire, The Intercept, Vice, Citizen Truth, District Sentinel, Independent Media Center, Axis of Logic, Wonkette, ZNet, Burn Notice, Vox, New Republic, Snopes, MoveOn, Politifact, Op Ed News, Wired, Global Research, Inter Press etc.

Nitwit's World says:

Wikipedia is more fake news because you can mess with their articles from the inside. You might as well ban anime from the site because half of them are incomplete. lol

e causey says:

hit em where it hurts$$$$$$$

William Cameron says:

Wikipedia is a communist organization .

Jay Kingston says:

Brietbart and Alex Jones are Zionist controlled opposition!! The ban couldn't come soon enough!

diggs says:

time to hop on over onto the unfiltered web

Az Usmb says:

Wikipedia usage in academia has long been banned in many schools and colleges across the country for being a major source of propaganda and disinformation. Use WP in a paper and get a Failing grade. Meanwhile breitbart and Jones continue to expose truth, daily and are being repressed?! This is satanic.

Raghnall MacPhadraig says:

"They" still haven't realised yet. This will turn against them.

Fck em anyway.

Orphan Red says:

Great Video Ed! Thank you for covering this! We are no longer free to decide for ourselves what we determine is true. We will be told, only by state-approved mouthpieces, what is acceptable for us to believe is true. But we're already aware of how data get manipulated in the process of interpretation to lead to desired conclusions that are then shared as unquestionable truth. We already know we're fed lies by those we look to for truth. This might seem like no big deal, "it's only a few right-wing organizations being silenced, and they're silly anyway". But this isn't silly. This is gravely concerning. When you're not allowed to hear, read or see information that counters the standard narrative, your mind is no longer free. Your beliefs are based only on what they allow you to know. Your opinions will then, inevitably, become no more than a reflection of their opinions. If you're waiting for some dramatic moment where it all hangs in the balance and you can be the hero by fighting nobly in that one moment, you're being naive and you're wrong. It's all the incremental changes, slow and sneaky, here and there that will have you waking up one morning and realizing the moment you were waiting for has passed. You weren't the hero, because you didn't do anything. Because it's done in little tweaks that you don't take seriously enough to bother pushing back against. This is terrible, and evil in its dark, insidious, sneaky, effective, power.

Simon Matthews says:

Hey Mr Ed, Mirror World get any more & more bizarre by the day. It is hard to decide what is fact or fiction anymore! I am lost for words as just when you think you have heard it all – it is goes more convoluted by the day!!

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