Will Mr. Bean be back? – BBC

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Rowan Atkinson tells Graham Norton, Gary Barlow and Jamie Lee Curtis about the time he was told he was a spit image of Mr. Bean.

Together on Graham’s sofa tonight: comedy genius Rowan Atkinson, back in action in Johnny English Strikes Again, actress Jamie Lee Curtis, reprising her role as Laurie Strode in the new Halloween, 40 years after the original; pop star Gary Barlow, talking about his autobiography A Better Me; and Hollywood king of cool Jeff Goldblum, who chats and performs Straighten Up and Fly Right with Imelda May.

Watch #TheGrahamNortonShow on the BBC: bbc.in/2BXMZ4M

The Graham Norton Show | Series 24 Episode 2 | BBC

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Collen Fuller says:

I loved watching mr.bean when I was very young, I hope he comes back.

U Aimen says:

Rowan Atkinson, one of the best comedians on earth i love him hes so likeable!

Default: Yorker says:

One of the UK's greatest ever entertainers. He just had to come on the Graham Norton show, although I could tell that the day it happened he was going to be such a contrast with the hyper-active audience. But I still enjoyed the story.

Melo Boy says:

Rowan Atkinson for 14th Dr Who

Unknown says:

It's a shame because most of the stories told on here clearly aren't true – it's like with this story; Rowan could quite easily have got out some form of ID to prove he was 'Rowan Atkinson', and you can say 'maybe he didn't have any ID on him', but surely he would've done if he was at a garage willing to purchase parts for his car.

Dennis says:

Is it just me, or did Jamie Lee Curtis look like she was leaning away from Rowan and scrutinizing him while he spoke?

Brilliant says:

My mum once went up to Rowan recognising him but not quite able to remember where from. She assumed he was a previous college so greeted him as such and then went on with her day only then realising who he was

VD 123 says:

This is the guy that got rejected of work in acting cause he stuttered and didnt look good… damn

TheAstronomyFloyd says:

Sounds like something Bryn, Rob Brydon’s character in Gavin & Stacey would say

Vlad Mihai says:

The new johnny english movie was hilarious

Jack Benjie Fornea says:

It's weird hearing Rowan Atkinson speak. I know he speaks in his other films but… MR. BEAN. I grew up watching that show. 🙂

wayne fernandes says:

He is awesome.

Matt Allen says:

why is Gunta on this show? I thought he wasnt supposed to be let go into public until 2028?

TheFallofTheEleventh says:

I think we should have one last Mr Bean Movie!

Call it Mr Bean’s Last Hoorah!

enigma mist says:

Awesome guy

Aishwariya Sweety says:

Airing Mr. Bean again would increase 10 years of my life.

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