Why Is The Media Telling Us That A Massive West Coast Tsunami “Might Hit Without Warning” ?

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Could you imagine the immense devastation that would take place if a giant wall of water 80 feet high slammed into the west coast of the United States? It may not happen today or tomorrow, but scientists assure us that it will definitely happen one day, and at this point we are completely and utterly unprepared for such a disaster. The “Ring of Fire” is becoming increasingly active in 2018, and the death toll from the earthquake and tsunami that just struck Indonesia is now above 1,300. And we all remember the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that killed more than 200,000 people. Now we are being told that something like that could happen on our side of the Pacific Ocean, and the mainstream media is even warning us that a giant tsunami could slam into the west coast “without warning”. Should we take such a statement seriously?

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John Anon says:

California been falling off into the Ocean since 1967.

Cynthia A says:

Also the Juan de Fuca. I know I probably spelled it wrong

countessarcadius Ty says:

these can happen and they are called    METEOTSUNAMIS' caused by ' ATMOSPHERIC GRAVITY WAVES… AND THEY ARE happening more and more with intensity ' and frequency…. I hav'e TONS of papers on this… they even happen on LARGE LAKES AS WELL.. but know they are using frequencies' to alter climate.. etc..

Jayna Dinnyes says:

About that recent Indonesian quake and tsunami: I saw a brief video on the news where they were doing mass burials of bodies dropped by dump trucks into a large long ditch. You Tube also has videos about it. When I see this it really bothers me. When they bury like this, it usually means that thousands have died not the small number they report. The movie "2012" shows the coast of CA falling into the ocean and Yellowstone erupting at the same time.

MrMnmn911 says:

The media does cover this story every couple of years. But, no one really listens. Most people just lame out and cry out "FEAR MONGERING"! Those are the same people who will wail in despair "WHY DID THE GOVERNMENT NOT TELL US THIS COULD HAPPEN!!! When actually the government, the media and yes, even Dahboo has been warning people for years. I recall just a few weeks after the Japan earthquake CBS or ABC had a 20 minute news story about a man with a group in Oregon that has been warning that state for 10 years the exact same thing could happen in the upper west coast and totally devastate Oregon. But no one in authority would ever pay them any real mind. Prep people. What's it gonna hurt if you prep. What's it gonna cost you…if you don't. Prep.

Dawn Mist says:

Yeah they will cause the earthquake with their EARTHQUAKE MACHINE!! Look at the 10.5 Earthquake movie

Hetenna Lavarski says:

I wouldn't recommend living West of the Rockies. In the not to distant future.

danny mitchum says:

i called god no answer.

danny mitchum says:

I called jesus no answer .

danny mitchum says:

It good happen in the hart land.

Fred Grace says:

All the planets are on one side of the sun going to be like that for a little while chance of hurricanes tornadoes earthquakes volcanoes everything

Catherine O'Connell says:

Nukes off coast

Julie Reed says:

check out down near Grenada more than25 war ship's amassed who's and why? ?

Neuronaut Alpha-1 says:

Well, hollycult will finally pay for the evil liberal bullshit.

Amelia Herron says:

Jesus will be back soon.

albany Oregon sky watcher says:

I'm scared for my babys here in Oregon I don't think we will survive 🙁 please pray for us :'( Oregon is waaay unprepared 🙁

Jacky Flowers says:

I'm 50 miles from Westport/ Ocean shores, Washington. I am well aware.

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