How China is Using North Korea In Its Long Game Against US

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✅ Top Stories Today – While China gave its support to the first summit between North Korea and a sitting US president, Beijing is also deeply concerned that the rapprochement could lead to Washington seeking closer relations with Pyongyang.
After that landmark summit with Kim Jong-un on Tuesday, US President Donald Trump said “adversaries can become friends”, and that “the past does not have to define the future”.

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Billy Caton says:

Dam right it uses it's bitch boy

Ceebtsheej Cheej says:

Do you know Chinese peoples was controlled north korea long time ago, Trump meeting should be no worked. Trump lost the time meetings. I knew the communist peoples minded.

simon payne says:

China has been stabing the United States in the back for decades.

John Liu says:

North korea is china only ally in asia and is important strategic pawn for beijing to counterbalance us influence in korea pennisula if the regime of kim jun un beign defeat by us in geostrategic term would have impact on china interest so that why china have strong backing on north korea

Andrew Wlliams says:

Why should not America seek peace with north Korea, it benefits the whole world..The greedy communist party of China does not want this,,let FREEDOM LIVE..

William Heacock says:

China sucks

W T F IsGoingOn says:

Seems Chairman Mao

nickvj030 says:

constipated trumpcake is nothing but an IMBECIL

Jason lee says:

Don’t trust and do business with China!!

Thomas McGillivray says:

Yes China is always hovering away in the background…I also had a feeling that China might also have designs on gaining power ah over the whole Korean peninsula..that really would be in keeping with their expansionist policies eh?

Vicki Chavez says:

China is trying to get military out of South Korea so they can take over the whole peninsula

Xing An says:

US and North Korea forming an alliance against China? This is an American wet dream. It will not happen. When Kim traveled to Singapore, he had to fly through China for fear of being shot down. After what happened to Gaddafi, Kim will not trust America. In fact US simply cannot be trusted. Any denuclearisation will require guarantee from China and Russia.

Mary Ledbetter says:

I see the big picture already but, I will keep my mouth piece closed for now.

wjdonner says:

History has taught us that only after the USA was evicted from South Vietnam could peace return to that region and could North and South Vietnam be unified. So we should not be surprised if the same principle applies to the Korean Peninsula. And if China has to have any success with their `Belt and Road Initiative` the USA has to be evicted from the whole South China Sea region as well. This will happen either by collapsing the US economy or by brute force.

Rajeev Kamalasanan says:

Agreed. Good relationship between US and DPRK is Not China's interest.

legal eagle says:

Who is using who ? The name of the great game.

Wayne T says:

Just look at how Trump is isolating itself with the rest of the world, including it's traditional allies. Trump is the last leader you want your country to count on. NK is not going to count on USA as a core economic strategy. They will grow and prosper with Asia and region first. Anything more with USA would be extra.

Immaculate Heart says:

Both Russia and China have been used N. Korea like a toolbag for decades to gain for themselves and to counter off USA. This game has been going ever since Kim's grand father still be alive. China is a bastard of the world, only bully and steal from others until his belly's blown up.

JSmith DRAGON013 says:

Beijing is close to N Koria.

michmadman52 says:

russia would have better economy then china if they went with the usa and i think putin knows it

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