The Future of Education – Yuval Noah Harari & Russell Brand – Penguin Talks

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Yuval Noah Harari spoke with 350 young people in South London together with comedian and presenter Russell Brand. In this first-ever Penguin Talk, Harari shared his thoughts on the future of humanity in an honest conversation with Brand and the young audience about the challenges facing the next generation (and how they might be overcome).


Saurabh Agarwal says:

Algorithm to hack humans? may be through DNA

Jin Yang says:

What a great conversation from 12:10, with complementary energy and matching clarity of the scholar and the comedian!

Bill Hampton says:

We should be working toward 100% unemployment. 100% equality. 100% globalization. No one should need to work. Just because you do not need to work does not mean that you cannot work if you want to. Go dig a hole and fill it if you really feel the need to work. What we should be doing and what we will do are two different things. It may be possible if we ask AI to help us do that, but our animal desire to have the lions share will not ever allow it. The whole system and way of thinking would need to change. It is not going to happen. My prediction is that we will destroy ourselves. Here is a prediction that I hope comes true one day. I predict a day will come, if man survives that long, when employment will be a bizarre thing of the past. Most work will be done for the pleasure of accomplish. A small amount for the need and zero for employment. It is not going to happen, but I will keep hoping.

eSKAone says:

It will be so much better for men to get to know women, and to get known by women, because today men mostly get reduced to their job market position, and get sorted out before even holding a chance.

eSKAone says:

The most important thing to learn is to chill the fuck out.

Kelly Barreto says:

Legenda em português por favor.

Rex Arthur says:

No plan No vote

Amin chain says:

Hey, I am from Bangladesh..would you please give a way for the people of Bangladesh with which they'll be able to cope with the upcoming automation crises in textile industry?

Cihan Baltepe says:

Brief summary:

– Rather than being "exploited", most of the people could be "irrelevant"to the monetary part of the society (such as currently homeless humans)

– If Artificial intelligence will know you better than you it can predict and/or shape your moves

– Philosophical questions (such as: "what is human") have a sort of urgency to address.

– If you want to have an impact, joining or creating some organizations could be helpful (human animal is stronger when they co-op)
– Focus is the key (distraction distorts your reality)

– Learn how to learn. The question is "how do I find my way in enormous amount of information"?

-Start with a question relevant to your life (such as: Why men dominates woman in most of the societies in the last 10.000 years?; or why most humans eat other animals?). Let questions lead you into an interdisciplinary and exciting path.

– Can we create a situation that we would not use the words like "irrelevant humans"?

– The difference between "prophecy" and "possibility" is important. You can create better future(s)

Miguel Guedes says:

And no ones gonna accept a car that still might kill you without u doing anything wrong and that u might have managed it better urself just it can save a lot of people killed by bad or drunk drivers or whatever or??.the efficiecy would have to be really really high near to perfect

bigfootpegrande says:

Star Professor, well done!

Miguel Guedes says:

hm, Russel sounds like an idiot kid with the silly anti capitalist hypocritical BS here and even trying to put stuff on Yuvals mouth. He should be on the other side and Yuval tell him how mistaken he was with simple numbers and he let him go too much. thats unusual. maybe cause of the jokes or something, knowing he is wrong and narrow minded or just selling his product

Michael Đào says:

Watching these two talk, it is so painfully obvious that Harari is indisputably a genius and Brand is a, I'm sorry to say, a baseless ideologue pushing back against his perceived enemies and contributing very very little to modern philosophy…

Batara Eto says:

Computing power, biology and also a lot of data

chikambure says:

Great hosting, Russell

A P says:

Other than how much i enjoyed this lecture, i just cant get enough of how pleasant the stage illumination is. There is something very meditative about the colors present in that room.

Evyn Tyndzik says:

The threat of being hacked is allot more than just predictive algorithms… If you are actually being realistic in a post-truth era, (which is a trade in itself). A priceless trade.

Devyani Patil says:

Hack human beings ! Creepy !!!

mgarvo says:

Gotta love a bit of Russell

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