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2018 Cycle 10 Week 3 Day 1
Lower Body
Morning weight: 194

PWO = Plate weight only
NW = No Weight
HC = Hip Circle
BW = Body Weight
PVC = A Freeking Plastic Pipe
RC = Rotator Cuff
Reps X Weights X Sets

Back Ext
15 X BW X 3

Box Squats
10 X Bar X 1
3 X 135 X 1
Work Sets
3 X 150 X 1
3 X 170 X 1
3 X 190 X 1
3 X 205 X 1
3 X 210 X 1
3 X 170 X 1

8 X 35 X 3

Start of week 3 and I was a little tired today so I did minimal work and got my squats in. Hit 194 again this morning so I’m actually getting closer to holding that weight but I’ve been hovering at 196 – 197ish for a few weeks….I slowly trying to lose a little because at my age anything over 195 just goes to my spare tire and I get not the benefit from the added weight other than to look fat and skinny at the same time…

Losing weight and adding weight to the bar…sounds like a good mix to me…I mis-counted my first try at 210 then realized after the set it was only 205…so I threw the extra 5lbs on the bar and got my 3 reps

Just SL RDL’s after squats to finish

Upper body bench press and V-Bar rows tomorrow plus accessories…Inclines..pullups…some delts and arms

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