Does Senator Elizabeth Warren Deserve An Exhibit In The Museum Of The American Indian?

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Elizabeth Warren claims to be a Native American. After her DNA test shows she’s at least 1/1024th Cherokee, Benny Johnson and The Daily Caller chose to investigate whether she deserves a spot in the Museum of The Native American.


Just Curious says:

Elizabeth Warren should give up her Senate seat to a Native American.

Marinell Roberts says:

Hell no, she doesn't deserve shit.

CoinHeads says:

She proved her own fraud.

SgtLoki13 says:

Holly crap DC! You actually found enough sensible people to fill the entire video! TBH I was fully expecting a horde of Libie zombies to come out and gush how Warren deserved a spot, this was very refreshing, thank you!

Phil Neubauer says:

They should put up a fraudulent claims exhibit and put her up as one of the most successful frauds there are. She was a Harvard professor, a published author of many books and a United States Senator with ambitions on running for President of the United States in 2020. All because she is spring boarding off of her fraudulent claims. I believe she does deserve a place in that museum to be made an example of actual cultural appropriation and corruption.

Big E says:

Great Q&A session but I thought you were Stephen Colbert in that opening shot.

Amos Soma says:

When "The Museum Of The American Dingbats" is opened, Pocahontas will be featured in the entrance hall.

First Last says:

I named my Jeep "Elizabeth Warren". It's all white, but says Cherokee on the side.

Joe BLOW says:


D. R. H. says:

IF Stolen Valor is a punishable crime for fake military service members, THEN WRONGFULLY CLAIMING HERITAGE THAT IS NOT IN HER D.N.A. MUST BE JUST AS MUCH OF A CRIME!!! I.M.H.O.

lared says:

Massachusetts has some really smart cookies. NOT. More like fools.

David Bruin says:

I think Warren should go to an Indian reservation and video herself being fucked by 4 really big Native Americans, and then she will have PROOF that she had Indian in her, she even swallowed as much as she could get in her lying mouth!!!!

#TrumpNation says:

Give her an exhibit NOT in the Cherokee Nation, nor the Navajo Nation… but more on the less known WAPO HO Tribe.
It’s similar to Atlanta Ho’s… just “whiter” in Washington.

John Ratko says:

The only thing Warren deserves is a place inside a prison cell.

Average Joe78 says:

" why the Hell would she " lol

I know, but, says:

She might be more negro check that out

Drunken Mongoose says:

Actually she does have an exhibit inside that building. It's on the wall of the men's bathroom… for a good time call Pocahontas.

Lisa Smith says:

She deserves to be scalped

TomHud says:

she deserves a part in Dancing with Wolves 🙂

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