🇨🇴 Colombia’s cannabis users light up in protest against crackdown | Al Jazeera English

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While the laws around marijuana use are being relaxed in a number of countries, Colombia is not one of them.
Its new president, Ivan Duque, has signed a decree allowing police to confiscate all quantities of the drug.
Heretofore, it had been legal to carry small amounts for personal use.
The president had promised a tougher stance on all drugs, but experts and critics are sceptical these new measures will have any effect on criminal organisations or production in what is still the world’s largest cocaine producer.

Al Jazeera’s Alessandro Rampietti reports from Bogota.

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ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ says:

pottheads if you dont stop you end as americas isis fighters somewhere in middle east

C. Lincoln says:

Let people do their drugs…

Kathy Wedzik says:

this is the premeditated genocide they engaged in in Florida because of cocaine however it did nothing to impact the business or use of cocaine, as a matter of fact , it imploded the use and distribution of cocaine while it slaughtered the cannabis crowd with human rights violations and crimes against humanity. stop n frisk was a quack and a mockery and used biasly to make sure cocaine proliferated which was shadowed by the opioid epidemic….

Gabriela Leon says:

Hi, thanks for your videos. Can you please make one about the public education protest?

Kathy Wedzik says:

the drug war was all because of coke heads..fu

Kathy Wedzik says:

Columbian narcisists….

Kathy Wedzik says:

Cocaine and it's government and its supporters are all the biggest supporters of prohibition.. Cannabis po prohibition. and Florida alone should put you in your place with its pinky finger… permanently

Kathy Wedzik says:

what a stupid government

sanjuansteve says:

Legalize, release and expunge! Canada and much of the US are now legal. With AMLO, hopefully México will legalize soon, hopefully followed by the rest of the Americas.

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