Australian nun Patricia Fox deported from Philippines | ABC News

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Australian nun Patricia Fox has vowed to continue fighting for people in need even after she leaves the Philippines, following a long battle against her deportation.

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Raj Ray says:

Phillipines is a catholic country. Why is an Australian nun even needed there?

The Fishy Life ! says:

Love to Australia from Americans!!!!

Callum Gillman says:

Ok having been to the Phillipines and been into the communities there are many problems, most centre around the low prices they get for hrs of hard hard, smelly hot labour, it's really hard work in the sun…. However EVERYONE loves Duterte because, no kidding, I've seen it myself, it's soooooo much safer and all the phillipino's love him for cleaning the streets… The drug dealers were next level, supported by Barangai (local captains) and they paid taxes for god sake, mean while CHINA FLOODS the country with drugs in an effort to screw up their labour market and push production back to china because China is suffering so bad with many factories only at 10-20% capacity… just saying… all the drugs, all of them, literally 99% were STRAIGHT from China.. the phillipino's will all tell you…
This country needs solid middle to upper class philanthropists to commit to 3 years minimum on the ground installing half the cool, cheap to make, amazing inventions we see on YouTube all day.. Like the concrete drain that creates electricity, you have no idea how much water flows down one hole or another in that country… Solar etc to elieviate the poor from energy poverty, those poor people pay 3 TIMES what we pay for power in equivalent Aussie dollars… that's right it's over $3 a KWHr!

Jellybean 2 says:

I feel bad for this nun, but sometimes it makes me think who are they really protecting? When a girl is raped or killed by a drug addict they're nowhere to be seen, but when a drug addict is killed they all appear on the media, as much as i love god, the catholic institution in the Philippines is corrupt and rotten to the core, most of them are just pure hypocrites

Comrade_ Savage15 says:

Love to Australia from Russia

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