Trump STUNS Economists After Making UNEXPECTED Promise To Banksters

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Pete Kasperowicz for the Washington Examiner reports, President Trump indicated Wednesday the U.S. government would start paying down the $21.6 trillion in debt it’s accrued over the last 80 years.

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gus saxon says:

How can any one complain about great management?

Yolanda Quartilho says:

We believe the president Mr Trump. He always do wherever he promise American people already seen it. Will be great . USA IS A GREAT nation should not be in debts. We have a great leader he will save USA.

Jor S says:

Obama borrowed everything from the Fed. He never printed debt-free money. $8.33 Trillion net. He ran average deficits of over a trillion per year. The last to print debt free Treasury notes was Kennedy. Trump, however, is 100% insulated from them. My guess is he's going to print debt-free Treasury notes and pay off the Fed. He could do it tomorrow, but I am guessing he'll pace it to keep inflation and the money supply, in check. After that, congress will roll back fractional reserve banking rules, slowly decreasing the amount they can fractionate. This will cause banks to raise interest rates and many will go out of business. People will stop borrowing more, because, due to the tax cuts, they will have more savings. By the end of his presidency, I believe we will start running a relatively debt-free economy. Expect private loans to become the thing to do. Also, expect getting 5% or more interest from savings accounts, etc… Savings will soar in private hands and wealth will transfer back to the Middle Class. One negative is that property values will go down.

Larry Mistler says:

Talk like this and against agenda 21 says one thing President Donald Trump is for real.

Seth B says:

Finally, someone’s gonna at least try to start paying it off

Jason Miller says:

Trump has been the only president in recent times that is trying to solve the problems of America. God Bless Donald Trump.

William Gahres says:

Who cares, comes kill your framed people.

Shake_N_Bake says:

The NPC says:…”But he’s a racist and grabs women!”

brian sullivan says:

Isn't it great that the USA now has a President who totally understands how the economy works and how owing trillions of dollars in national debt is a recipe for disaster if a world recession comes along and demands are made to pay it back.
The debt is waiting there to bite the nation on the backside and people like Obama have done enormous harm by letting it run away.

Kong Skull Island says:

((REPUBLICAN'TS//BRAINWASHED SUPPORTERD)<>Of the orange orangutan blond pumpkin

It's OVER!!!
DEMOCRATS have a HUGE ADVANTAGE In early voting by Young Voters//Women who're supporting the blue wave Democratic Party
And we'll carry this momentum all the way to victory on tuesday (✌)

fullyshimmer says:

Yes pay debt! Finally

Fast Pony says:

Empty Skull Island with another idiotic post below. YouTube wouldn't allow me, (Comment failed to post) to reply to that idiot.

Michael Musson says:

Lets not audit the Fed lets end the Fed and go back to constitutional money like before 1913 US currency backed by precious metal

Katrina M. Harper.3.0 says:

Oh, and of course the Liberal Snobsonarollas are having another 19th Nervous Breakdown over all of President Trump's winning ever so BIGLY. Poor poor poor little Suzy Snowflakes. Amen!

Paul Franklin says:

Looks like China is about to start shitting themselves. Between being out of debt from those little commies and pulling our manufacturing back to the US, they're going to be one hurting unit economically.

Martin Keane says:

Open public banks ASAP and let the private banks fly to the wind as they destroyed countries

Theresa Savoy says:

They've stolen enough money over the last 100 years or so……How does America owe them a dime, from a Corrupt and Fraudulent System, that the Congress and President's have committed Treason with?

proboy1 says:


Stuart Alexander says:

It is NOT our "national debt" and Trump is VERY aware of it. We don't owe spit to the Rothschilds, the English crown, or the Vatican………oh, and yes, that's where your taxes go. Think they go to the Treasury? Think again. That "debt" is to a small handful of entities/bloodlines who create currency on computers out of….nothing…..and then lend…..nothing to us. It's bulls**t that has to stop and Trump, his inner circle are VERY aware. Watch for that "debt" to disappear overnight soon.

Fifties kid Bob Mckinstry says:

It's been time to trim the fat in American politicians for four decades I'm tired of paying these assholes to do my thinking for me now I'm letting mr. Trump my president think for me and it's like he is draining my brain for all the ideas that I've had past years. God bless Donald Trump end of story.

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