She Took One Look At Obama’s Body Language SECONDS LATER Everything Made Perfect Sense

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Jim Hoft for the Gateway Pundit reports, Body Language Ghost, an expert in body language named “Mandy” who frequently analyzes videos of people in the news, scrutinized Barack Obama’s recent appearances on the campaign trail this midterm.

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The Next News Network says:

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Gerann Gerber says:

He is the most arrogant individual on the face of the earth. He is an absolute joke!!

Wendy Hall says:

I think Obummer could be the antichrist and knows his time is short. Jesus will bind him throw him in the Lake of fire for a thousand years. His name Barack means lightning, Hussein = royal and Obama is an ancient name meaning from a high and lofty place. 'And I saw Satan fall as lightning from heaven,' the bible says. Victory is ours through Jesus Christ of Nazareth the king of kings and Lord of lords! Repent of wickedness and turn to Christ as your Savior.

Charles Smith says:

Obama is a Muslim brotherhood wanker leftist liberal political traitors

Fake News 77 says:

This guy is a skid mark.

tx-sweet-p JG says:

He knows he’s a whipped dog , a sorry whipped dog

john martin says:

Or it could be projection of depression to make everybody think that potus is to blame for the way he feels and we all should feel the way he feels oldest trick in the book obama nobody cares what you say anymore.

Deano k says:

Mandy is awesome

Mago Merlino says:

No sarcasm intended but Obama looks sick to me in this video.

sharp mind says:

Do you believe that democRATS won the House ? I don't !!! The vote,s were tempered again ,I am sure of that ! Cannot trust democRATS for a moment !!! Well… The truth will come out soon !!!

Tony Trott says:

obama is a liar and a con man

Nick Firth says:

Barry Hussein Soetero was all about swagger, that swagger is gone, why is he bothering to do speeches, he has no power & nobody is listening.

Joey Brownfield says:

He looks more like he is coked out! Super high.

Ron Palmer says:

It's a great and exciting day for trump and American citizens and our country yea fantastic

P Marty says:

He looks sick and weak, it's hard to be a nobody again, he needs to be with Michael!

Ron Palmer says:

He didn't care about American people or our country ever and he paid all these people to follow him and cheer him on knowing damn well he didn't have a chance in hell and he also knows that hes going to do life without parole in Gitmo

DoubleDoubleUSmoky Mirror4Demention says:

Maybe he should learn the way of the LOBSTERS! Rock Lobster

Maisy Mae says:

His eyes looks scared .

Maisy Mae says:

Love Mandy ! She is always,Spot On !

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