Shut Up Michael Moore by Paul Joseph Watson

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Mitchell White says:

The almost as bad as his hypocrisy, ,,is having to look at him,,EVER AGAIN. I don't know if this 'swamp donkey' huffalump has children but I'm quite certain they like daddy wouldn't have gotten ANY 'VISUAL CALORIES ' just like pops. Michael should stop talking and just PUT THE FORK DOWN BUD.
GO GET SOME PLASTIC SURGERY. I hear they're really good at carving out jaw lines. J7st look at the miracles they performed for maddonna.

Joe Merlo says:

Hey fat boy more yeah you I'm a white guy I work for a living your Rich all you do is eat and talk everything you say is wrong fat boy

Brucer Ducer says:

Why are they interviewing Porky Pig? He's only a cartoon!

denbydish says:

A little flabby there Mike.

Ivan Bundy says:

Micheal Moore can go fuck himself .. idiot

SPONGE says:

Michael Moore sold his fat ass to the fat cats. Irrelevant since 2016.

Chriszlaststand says:

Michael Moore. "You're Fired"

One Person says:

No, no.  I want Michael Moore to speak loudly and often.  I want the media to stay on him so we can all see this perfect example of hypocrisy that is the left wing.

Agusta Sister says:

Ahe isnt trumps demographic at all…

The Sentinel says:

The guy's a fucking oxymoron. He's a Muti-Millionaire Socailist Pig. To Hell with him and the other PC Socialists bastards in Hollywood and New York.

Gomoto Bonnah says:

Michael Moore and Rosie O'Donnell is the same person.
Challenge: Find them in the same room at the same time.
Good Luck!

Farley Moab says:

Look for Moore to go tranny to revitalize his failed career like Bruce Jenner did. he doesn't have far to go, he is basically an old fat post menopausal broad already.

IndieFlick Jim says:

Of course there will be a woman president one day, just not the demonic thing that is Hillary Clinton.

DaddyO's Ink says:

I still cant believe rhat Rosie o'Donnell thinks that hat and glasses fools snyone.

Jason Blake says:

I found it fishy that the PatsyBomber was shown in his recent movie that bombed at the box office

Stormy Horseface Daniels says:

I love how desperate these dumb fucks are getting. Haha

spaceface3122 says:

Michael Moore has been stunting for the liberal SHOAH for decades.
Check it out, he was around back in MILTON FREIDMANS days.

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