AMERICAN SPEECH — Narrated by John F. Kennedy

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1791 says:

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Brandon May says:

Its weird to think that now JFK would be considered a right wing nut and likely branded a "white supremacist". There are only five Presidents that would meet the current Democrat mantle – Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter and Obama. Everyone else would be considered right wing (and by default racist).

Charles Badger says:

JFK might have been the only democrat I would have ever voted for……maybe.

Marco Dane says:

When Democrats actually had balls and protected their people.

joedmac78 says:

Oh how the democrats have changed…

Brad Trevenen says:


K Dolo says:

JFK Confirmed literally Hitler

Hedley Quintana says:

I'm listening Kennedy's bones shaking due to media's antics!

Joshua Drakonson says:

What's the music?

R Freitas says:

Powerful speech, what I see on mainstream media are not journalist, they are nothing but biased leftist activists

MidNightStudios says:

Im not a conspiracy theorist…but looking at the unhinged Dems today…I'm starting to wonder.

Midi Mercury says:

John F Kennedy best president

Andrew Wizard15 says:

JFK is an interesting and strange case. There were a lot of good things about him like his stand for freedom of speech and his stance against “secret societies” and corruption, but he had many personal problems like cheating and was involved in scandals with his family as well as many of his leftist politics. It’s seems like he was a classic liberal tainted by personal issues and democratic deficiencies

darkside da hanged clown says:

wonderful production, can't wait for the next piece!

Orhan Shabich says:

We need


CrowsTakingOff says:

Change the thumbnail

Etwebble says:

I really like these narration videos. PLEASE DO MORE. the TARANTULAS narrated by JORDAN PETERSON was PHENOMENAL! KEEP IT UP!!

nate.t17 says:

When's 1791 going to make a documentary?

James Maron says:

this made me think of JFK in black ops zombies. that shit was the best

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