Red Dead Redemption 2 – “Annoying” Feminist Triggers VICE Journalist?

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Red Dead Redemption 2 – “Annoying” Feminist Triggers VICE Journalist? In this episode of The News You Missed, there is an article where a person is upset at Red Dead Redemption 2 over it’s open world game play including a Feminist, discussed today by me, your host, Protomario.

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Citations For Today’s Video –

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Players Are Excited to Attack and Kill Feminists in the Game

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Beating Up Annoying Feminist

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Annoying Feminist Fed To Alligator

Red Dead Redemption 2 – Finding The Clan & Killing Every Them –

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Tanco plays says:

Death to the liberal media

Matthew Guzman says:

You can kill ANYONE on here. Including men and racist KKK phantoms. VICE was really reaching here.

Raichu Ragtimes says:

This is SOMEHOW a news story XD disbelief

Serious Spike Sam says:

I remember picking up women in GTA Vice City and leaving them trapped in burning cars on purpose.

Guess I must be a terrible anti-feminist now.

BlueKirby says:

I can kill the KKK in Red dead redemption two I kind of want this game now

ajmrowland says:

I didn't miss this news. People won't stop talking about it.

mikallink says:

So KILLING random, innocent MEN is ok, but punching a woman is appalling? Lol what? i don't like these types of games or what they stand for ( the'yre stupid , immature and appeal mainly to low IQ teenagers to be honest) but VICE are just as bad with their double standards..

Just Guzma says:

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Twotailedpikachu says:

I don’t see how fighting for the right to vote makes you feminist these days a feminist thinks the female gender is superior to the male gender all I’m saying is she should be called something else I don’t care what you do to her or any other person in the game

Pokè Potter Muffin says:

I'm a women and these hardcore fememist… I'm a shamed IT'S A VIDEO GAME GET OVER IT!! I'M A WOMEN AND YOU DON'T SEE ME COMPLAING

Ssj Ichigo says:

the only time I would try and do anything to her is if she constantly and repeatedly screams over important dialog, but what would fix the issue, lower the priority of her dialog to where you can't hear her unless you are right next to her

James Lawman says:

How the hell is this even news…why are people so easily offended?

Gumball7645 says:

NPC's are so predictable, flipping hell

Sarah Chavez says:

I wouldnt go as far as to kill em, but they are some of the most annoying people

Lucaru XYZ says:

That's awful, I hope that's something that should be fixed to prevent such a thing.

drydenness says:

I can see they come from the point that it could embolden some people who can't disassociate fiction from reality to do this kind of things (some people already think and do stuff like that without disassociation); but come trying to twist it as everyone playing a game are doing the same thing it's just dumb one player streamed it one and they make it sound like the purpose of the game is to end feminist.

Sai Sivakumar says:

Question, isn't treating that woman the exact same way you would any other person you find annoying in RDR2 equalism? It's not like we gamers are selectively choosing to target the feminist.

Oscar Perez says:

I didnt even know I was watching some of your vids protomario used to watch you as a 12 to 14 year old. Glad to see your still at it.

Gizmo Spaz says:

Man! I want this game! Not for this reason… but lol

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