Let’s Get Serious for a Minute

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Mark Dice says:

Order it from Amazon here: amzn.to/2Dz70Qw or download the e-book from Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, or Nook.

David L. says:

I wish there was a better place to buy the book rather than ultra liberal Bezos Amazon or Apple, but that's how it is…

Dustin J says:

I'm buying this book and an npc shirt to piss off all the liberals that surround me here in New York (Hell)

Trish Moore says:

Always order ur books but i hate reading. Hehe

stanky6261973 says:

I will purchase really soon, can't wait!! Loved your last book but, when I left positive feedback they took away my ability to leave any feedback and took all of my feedback from all of my purchases away! I hate them.

Jordan Pearson says:

Hey Mark i bought your book mate im from New Zealand

dvitoc says:

I identify as a best selling book off Amazon

skills1ent says:

Mark you don't have the acumen for this. You're making a fool of yourself…Your book should be a coloring book. The theoretical lexicograghy is nonexistent and you've created an ignorant collection of talking points. Embarrassing and pitiful!

Master Skywalker says:

Good job mark. However, I do believe global warming is a real thing.

Gary McAleer says:

Excellent, Mark. Writing allows to weigh every word, to proofread, and refine so that there is no misunderstanding.

PrimeException says:

You should make an audio book.

Elizabeth Moldovan says:

its true, the internet has helped them rally together in their madness, thank God for you Mark, God bless you and your President

Danish Miller says:

I guess I just identify as a hard working white guy…omg the worst….i white, straight, married faamily man. how horrible of me according to the left

cl Jules says:

Thank goodness there were only 180 useful idiots who gave the video a thumbs down… please God, don’t let there be too many more… I’m hoping we aren’t too screwed already!

Mike Malone says:

I want to buy this book, what is the link?

Smash Adams says:

Book was ok…..could have been printed on softer paper… hurts my asss when I wipe with it.

Freeman Pennington says:

the scripture says that in the last days that it would be this way just like it would say that in the last days that people would rebelled against God and that's the reason why things are this way because they've removed God from being the head of our society for an excuse for their bad behavior

John Galt says:

Love your work. Common sense commentary in this insane media world is far too rare. I gave up reading some time ago when books on tape was a new thing. In the meantime, I have replaced my library with audiobooks, mostly from Audible. Is there any chance you could do audio versions for people like me? I would be the first customer to buy a complete set. Between you, Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson I could learn to chuckle more often at the seemingly serious psychosis that seems to be normalized in the mainstream.
Thanks again for all you do to lift the spirits of the silent majority. (That is if you don't count dead people, non-citizens and truckloads of blank ballots)
Who is John Galt?

WokeAF says:

Diversity means White genocide

WokeAF says:

So many traitors to our country in the government.. this is why we have the 2A

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