🇺🇸California wildfires death toll at 42, more than 200 missing l Al Jazeera English

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Search teams are looking for bodies of those killed in California’s worst wildfire, which has claimed 42 lives so far.
The wildfire continues across the state, leading to a red flag warning from north to south.
In the south, the Woolsey Fire has left a trail of destruction at beach resorts, including Malibu. In northern California, the town of Paradise has been wiped out.
Al Jazeera’s Nastasya Tay reports.

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Landon Thomas says:

It's amazing to me; more than 50% of the US doesn't support a carbon tax, higher gasoline taxes, billions of dollars in renewable energy spending yet there is so much environmental devastation caused by human-induced climate change.

overcomer Yeshua says:

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Spongebob Ranchpants says:

My heart goes out to everybody effected

seazn furi says:

Don’t forget to show the Prisoners being paid $1 per day to fight the fires. Give them credit too!!!

Bilwo Gebrekidan says:

Now they will learn from that America haw mach people killing in the world

Tayyaba Shabir says:

May Allah ease all your hardness, My all prayers are with all of u.

Michael Jean says:

I pray for your family how lost thank you hero's

BornPro says:

The construction boom of Malibu incoming

Queen Mona Lisa Nefeurtiite says:

And i looked down from heaven and they have all become filthy, demonic, parasitic, vampires, ungrateful, envious, greedy, power hungry, disrespectful, monsters. Rebuild and it will be destroyed again. Soul less scums of the earth. A little bit of knowledge and the stinking GARBAGE earthlings think they are god.

Ali Bhaloo says:

I certainly sympatise with the loss of Human lifes..and the knock effects it has.. kindly America Think of the yemen syria libya ..Afghanistan and All the countries you have caused loss lifes.

May Allah kareem Give you strength to Have patience and Time will heal the wounds

Moon Light says:

Sad to se.Hope its put out before further damage to lives ir properties.

Kirk Wilson says:

Tree huggers get the wrath of nature. Time to do forest management without these idiots protesting.

Liberal voice says:

"Nature will take what you get"
Support those families

Richard martin says:

The beginning of sorrows, Jesus is coming

Joseph Ybarra says:

The irony..

annonymous says:

Little less burden on earth.

jayshi cyber says:

My Prayers are with you

Kevin Ethan says:

This is so sad I'm here in South America and I can feel the hurt my condolences are with the family hope they find those missing soon

Devon Alexander says:

Those in Malibu can afford new homes. it's truly unfortunate what happened to the residents of Chico and Paradise. Devastating wildfires and hurricanes are becoming the new normal, and yet we have a dotard president who refuses to even acknowledge the scientific consensus of anthropogenic climate change.

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