Guess Who’s Back!

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William Radigan says:

send all migrants to all CNN news studios to live

Believe on Jesus Christ For Eternal Life says:

** SOY ** !!! ROFLOL!!!

hankstar56 says:

keep up the good work

Mitch says:

What’s worse for a critical thinker, to be a Holocaust denier or a climate change denier?

CNN says:

Lol, CNN trying to deny real news in favor of some report that nobody gives a shit about.

CBETA says:

Good stuff Mark!!!

CBETA says:

little brian and his voice ahahahahahaha

Derick F says:

Stelter and his band of morons over at CNN are completely full of shit. They know it and we know it. Brian’s gender is fluid Mark. He’s soy/pussy.

etechno909 says:

Mickey mouse

Smelly Face says:

Love your videos as always Mark. I hope you consider reading your books for audio book. I travel a lot for work and would enjoy your listening to your books. God bless.

Jacqueline Lang says:

Interesting. CNN said there weren’t many invaders. Liars!

BankGovPerpWalks says:

Worthless Sack-a Soy.

Adam Sonntag says:

With your beautiful voice over the twinks, I can actually listen to her, I mean him

Thanatos9029 says:

The entitlement caravan needs to be attacked with the weapons called common sense and facts.

Jacqueline Lang says:

A new “ism”; “denial-ism”.


I never heard Stelter's real voice until after watching days worth of your videos featuring the Mickey Mouse voice. Now I can't watch Stelter without repeating what he says in the Mickey voice. Friggin' HILARIOUS comedy GOLD.

SiglundR says:

I KNEW you were going to say "soy"! Little Brian is the Poster Boy for Soy. Pretty sure Gooooogol is de-synchronizing your voiceovers, though. Seems like a lucrative lawsuit would be in order!

GREAT dub of the President with the video of the invaders! Very awesome!

David Gordon says:

The Fake News holds it’s ground.

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