BBC Newsroom Live 11AM 29/11/2018 Brexit Deal Debate

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Unkown Sombody says:

Poletax thinking. Ends in one way.

The Peoples Poet says:

shame our government is creating so many obstacles, doing everything they can to make this situation as frustrating, over-complicated and as frightening as possible, any thing to make a crap deal look good. I didn't even consider a deal when I voted leave. what the hell happened to brexit means brexit, or no deal is a better than a bad deal. That's what she said over and over and over again during her campaign. I don't know what this freak show running our country is, but it isn't democracy that's for sure

rajaitimad says:

Project fear is on steroids, the desperation is real. Just get on with it we voted out and we expect WTO if you're not willing to deliver Canada+++

Chris Stroo says:

Brexit cost a lot of money and create a chaos for a long time, after all the economy falls down for a long time.
C.Stroo Holland

John Brittlebank says:

Corbyn will ask questions,May won't answer them,pointless debate.

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