Michael Cohen in court: Trump ex-lawyer ‘to plead guilty’ – BBC News

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US President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen is expected to plead to lying to Congress in relation to Russia inquiry, US media report.

Mr Cohen will admit misleading lawmakers about a Trump real estate project in Russia, say reports.
He appeared unexpectedly at federal court in Manhattan on Thursday morning.

In August, Mr Cohen pleaded guilty to violating finance laws during the 2016 presidential election by handling hush money for Mr Trump’s alleged lovers.

Thursday’s development is the latest twist in the special counsel’s investigation into whether Mr Trump or his inner circle colluded with a Russian attempt to influence the 2016 presidential election.

Mr Cohen – once a staunch Trump loyalist – was interviewed in October last year behind closed doors by congressional investigators.

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chimneypotviews says:

192 upvotes, that is POOR.

chimneypotviews says:

But I talk for the Times, said he.

Megyn Kelly says:

What a Cohencidence

chimneypotviews says:

We want the MAXIMUM jiggerboos in our country. Said the Democrats.

Critter says:

Michael Cohen can give Trump his Golden Showers in prison!

Deborah Bell says:

We need Sherlock Holmes over here LOL

Doc Strider says:


Dennis Rivenburg says:

What are Trump's options, he's basically fucked !


I keep turning television off or over because a schizophrenia weapon to alter how I hear has been used on me,which is a human rights crime BBC.The BBC and others are as hated as Monsanto and other corporations people call evil.The NHS helping to cover up a government torturer who has got doctors to lie to a patient for years causing psychological pain and police involved believing a the schizophrenia weapon and television planned psychological assault will cause violence or suicide as they hide in the shadows of this human rights crime that must end up in court.Made to hear manufactured voices inside your brain happening in the UK,no consent because some authority figure say so.We must have this human rights criminal arrested for torture for human rights abuses,Would you do it to your family to satisfy the mind of a unethical human rights criminal in authority who thinks they are above the law,have immunity and some in television gives them that right.On northern rail a railway worker mentally raped.Vile,toxic and diseased minds doing this to a man.Nhs,police,were to go for help?

Chill Pill says:


Андрей Игоревич says:


Paul Davenport says:

Trump reminds me of
Howdy Doody the tv muppet clown.
(Look him up)

mrevilevil2 says:

Lock. Them. Up.

love heart says:

Hold on let me get my pop corn this going to be a good movie for sure lol

Johnny White says:

We need Alax Jones back. He shows proof CNN don't. I can see little late is going on.

laser325 says:

Trump's ex-lawyer is up in court, his new lawyer is Giuliani.

You can always judge a man by the company he keeps.

Jean Navet-Envie says:

These are not good people folks

rosharon built says:

How much time? Like 10 days in the feds. Lol

White Rabbit says:

Trump's morally bankrupt!

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