Self-Realisation with Tony Robbins & Russell Brand

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Today’s video is a clip from my Under The Skin podcast with guest Tony Robbins!
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Produced & edited by Jenny May Finn (IG: @JennyMayFinn)
Music: Oliver Cadman


Derrick Wade says:

Tony is awesome

J W says:

russell's face is classic!… jaw dropped, can't get a word in 😉 haha

Joseph Flaherty says:

Never cared for Tony Robbins although I do like his brother Baskin.

Spiritus says:

It seems to me that this man totally misses or disregards the spaces between each moment. These spaces are equally important as that which fills the material contents of the reality he thrives on.

Infinite one says:

Dam, he reminds me of that complete lack of self consciousness when tripping on ecstasy. You can say he is crazy all you want but he probably knows his own mind inside out because he observes how he thinks and how his emotions change what he thinks about. I'm not surprised some people on here find him intimidating its because you know he would see straight through you.

Powerfullmoon says:

Wonderful being to Marvellous being
People I love…overjoyed ✨

Catherine Louise says:

I really enjoyed this and Tony is incredible but let’s face it he avoided Russells’ question by a performance

Glasswipe says:

Why, Russell…why did you waste your time on this asshat? Tony Robbins is not a coach, he's a goddamn snake oil salesman hawking pseudo-philosophical nonsense to any lost soul with a little disposable income. A secular analogue to a predatory televangelist, that's what he is.

For crying out loud, Russell, how do you not see this?

Jaylin Burroughs says:

Oh my gosh this is my favorite interview ever!

Peter Ball says:

2 gifts of minds thanks:)

Daniel P says:

7.42 😀 lol

Donna Sweeney says:

Cold plunges…

Kellington Link says:

Two exceptionally charismatic personalities. Thanks. Inspiring.

Rob Dob says:

Is Tony Robbins an alien?

Thomas Drinkmoore says:

I've never seen Russel listening like that 🙂

Nathan Kaye says:

I loved listening to the podcast of this. After watching this, I realised that I'd really love to see the whole video recording of the whole interview, as it hits home even stronger (and it's awesome seeing the reactions to what one says to the other).

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