Culprit in MASSIVE GOP Losses in California Discovered – Now We Know How Dems CHEATED!

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Jim Hoft for the Gateway Pundit reports, California lost 7 of its 14 Republican House seats this election cycle. This was after the state legislature passed “ballot harvesting” laws. Ballot harvesting is illegal in most states.

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Joel C says:

and now we can ask those in the house rep seats to step down and resign..

Exile89 says:

My wife and I voted by mail. This whole time I felt it never made it to its destination.

Debra Bryant says:

The California Poll Workers were not told about that new law. I dont believe they passed that law. I live here and have worked both the primary and mid term election as a Precinct Inspector and never hears of that law.

Eli Salazar says:

I don’t believe nasty Pelosi was re-elected

Ivy Mossgarden says:

I have stated for decades that special elections should be held for "issues" such as this one. The peoples input must go beyond just an every 4 yr. election. Hell I'd vote every month if my government asked my opinion on bills,laws, policies….

angi seb says:


Ivy Mossgarden says:

And then–the state becomes a wasteland of feces & used syringes & junkie camps. Your Liberal brains only seem to function on a criminal/animal level. Watching California decay into putrid swill is a study in liberal practices. Go for it! Nobody deserves it more.

flyback 2me says:

I've been saying "Audit Cali." since the fn election!!!!!!

Carol Devine says:

Californians .. have a super ACE .. Your cheat elected officials .. and governor .. need to be SUED .. Over every little tiny thing .. ALL of you .. He is a terrible governor .. and people have DIED because of him .. Start now .. Hundreds of thousands of you taking him to court ./.. and the others .. wow .. you win ..

Robert Kubrick says:

They don't collect them, they just fill them out. Who is to know? Not who didn't vote is going to check to see if someone turned in a ballot on their behalf. no wonder there were news reports of people showing up to the polls in California and being told they had already voted!

Iris Baker says:

From what I hear California is a sh.thole..thats the democrats for you they do nothing for the people..well serves you right Californians you will continue to live in a sh.thole.

Arthur Collins says:

Democrats will be in full charge then they will past laws to one rule of government the Democratic Party
Republican party has no balls

Last One standing says:

So what are we going to about it..? Sit on our backsides and again complain after the next election..

Do something to overturn this crazy law..


same thing in Nevada door to door they vote for you

Lewrene Lamse says:

What do the California Citizens say about this ? Did they even know about this kind of voting , I wond be surprised if Jerry Brown snack it in with out anyone knowing about this kind of voting was going on ,

Surplus Sean says:

Republicans have to play their dirty rules also if they want to win

Mr Happy Guy says:

There’s a time for war, and it’s now.

4pharaoh says:

Come on… "Joe Smith, you are under suspicion of submitting false election ballots and destroying same when you were employed to do Ballot Harvesting. If found guilty or sentence will be….etc. Perhaps we can make a deal… "
You don't think anyone who would do such a thing has scruples do you? Morally bankrupt people will flip like a pancake. It takes a sense of truth and justice to say "Give me liberty, or give me death" It's a house of cards, flick one.

Ethercruiser1 says:

Democrats are EXPERTS at election fraud! The USA is dying.

Robert Romeo says:

There were twice as many people voted then there were actual people

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