RSBN Nightly News Recap with Alyssa Ashe

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Join RSBN’s Alyssa Ashe for all of today’s news ranging from business news to President Trump’s tweets. Send her story ideas on twitter @AlyssaAsheRSBN to be featured in the show!

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zelda torna says:

No one , NO ONE, covers TRUMP RALLIES like Right Side Broadcasting. You pan the crowd. You interview people. You have a post – rally chat. You are unique.

zelda torna says:

RSBN has about one third ( 1 / 3 ) of a million subscribers. Keep it up ! What a refreshing news recap…… strolling — arm – in – arm — with Alyssa …. through the events of the day.


just amazing, every event Trump has is always full a pro- American citizens. Not an empty seat in the house

acorn sucks says:

Poor people all over the world want to come here, what is so special about these men? Why not try to make their own countries better.

toe jammin says:

great job on the news. thanks

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